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  1. But, has anyone experienced her non-relaxation massages? Good? OK? Thanks!!
  2. grbert

    Alex Mun

    BBBJ is not BB. Other SP walked into room after 20 mins, and said she had a new client showing up. Yep.
  3. grbert

    Asian Judy

    Face is meh, but her body is indeed excellent. Great services, including BBBJ, and extremely tight. Definitely a repeat.
  4. grbert

    Nikki 0856

    she is advertising again. any one make contact and see her?
  5. grbert

    Vivan 0838

    nice looking, good breasts and skin. service and attitude were blah. Miss the old days when these girls were often very good - Kingston has become a B or C league for this outfit.
  6. grbert

    Asian 9819 ??

    See info at the following, which is the same place. Pass! http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=257721
  7. grbert

    Suki (1216)

    Location is fine. SP is older, not that attractive, but does know what she's doing. CBJ. Tight and responsive. No repeat 4 me.
  8. grbert

    Anna 0838

    Latest lady is a repeat visitor. Indeed younger than normal for this place, nice face and body - smaller cans with nice nibs. Definitely enjoys herself, talented mouth and knows how to move. IMO, a great lady to visit.
  9. grbert

    Has Anyone seen Mimi?

    Second time was indeed better. Sweet fun girl . Judging by the new ad, I guess she's gone. Kind of sad, because I certainly enjoyed her. Hoping who's next is as good.
  10. grbert

    Has Anyone seen Mimi?

    younger, prettier, but less experienced. sweet and friendly. NO english. in comparison to the others I've seen at 0838, she is in the top 1/3rd, and yes I expect it will get better the second time. this is NOT a consistent place to go. the last girl was awful. i will (now) start posting comments on each one that I see that is new, and would get be happy to hear from others.
  11. grbert

    Best Massage GFE ?

    I have lurked for a while, but it seems fair to share opinions, so here's my first post. It fits this thread quite well. Saw Katrine Cannon, and it was as GFE as one could imagine. Great massage, followed by a pleasing erotic session. Chatted about everything, including hangovers and condos. Stunningly attractive lady, intelligent, witty, made one feel like a friend - well, more like a horny friend. Left wishing I had booked 2 and not 1 hour. Definitely will repeat.