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  1. young buck


    thank you all for your input.
  2. young buck


    I've enjoyed the hobby on and off for quite some time now. I'm not one for posting often, but i've run into this situation. A while back I was in the process of setting up a meeting... and then I seen that the lady in question is on my partners social media app. So the question is should I talk to the lady in question about it so shes aware of the situation and why I just broke off communication, or just let it die? thanks for your time.
  3. young buck

    MS Manda

    She is excellent at what she does. I am looking forward to our next meeting.
  4. young buck

    Any pointers

    New to Cerbs, looking for any advice towards SPs. I?d say I?m on the younger side of the Hobbiests scale, is age really that important? Also if there?s any SPs who don?t mind a younger guy drop me a line. Thanks Young Buck