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  1. Welcome! May your time here be pleasurable, exciting, erotic, sexy, indulging, fun, unforgetful and memorable.
  2. I read this thread and could not help but smile. You guys are so funny:D I am not bi. But, I can look at a lady and tell her that she is beautiful. I do like to have fun from time to time. But, it has been a while. I have yet to find my dream woman, lol!
  3. I really don't believe he is from any of the boards. he was from out of town as he told me and even negotiated my prices...not something a cerb member would do...(How do I get into the private section, anyways?)
  4. I just felt more then disrespected of my space and personal environment. Can somebody just tell me if I'm right or wrong. I got a call at 12:15 from someone calling from a hotel not too far down the road. He tells me that he has no cell phone and that he needs the room number. I tell him I will not be available before 12:40. And to call me when he gets to the lobby from the desk to give me a heads up that he is here. I usually tell my clients to give me 2-3 minutes before coming to knock at the door. Today, I happened to have a few friends in my room while I was in the shower getting ready. The client knocked at the door at 12:26...No heads up like I had requested. My guy friend opened the door thinking it was room service and it was the client....Asking for "maya", but honestly I felt utterly disrespected. And I told my friend to tell the client to leave. He did not respect my time, my space or me....
  5. mayacurves

    you are Gorgeous
  6. I agree with you. I have an ad up there, and I swear that it isn't easy to be seen. There are so many fake looking ads up there, that I've stopped looking. I know that I don't only speak for myself when I say, the hard working SP's also post on escorts-canada, here on cerb, maybe even or terb, sp-411...and so many more. I mean, I spend a lot of time in my day to post my ads, work on my website and answer my own phone. CL is absurd, and I don't think it's fair for those who actually take the time to write out full ads, and have websites, etc... We need to find a way to seperate the real from the fake.
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    I will be back in town as of next Sunday
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