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  1. Good morning Lyla members i usually stay in the back ground is i'm a private person but after Saturdays evening experience i promised Kim Knotty i would write a review for her. Well this all started Friday evening as i came across her comment in the shout box so i contacted her by tx message and she got back to me promptly and we chatted back and forth and we agreed on and out call. Then a hiccup happen on my side and i had to cancel .She was very understanding and polite about the situation and i asked if she was in town Saturday and she said yes so i said that i would contact her. She said great and asked my name so she could save it in her contacts then Saturday evening came around so i contacted her at 7 pm i didn't get a reply till 830 pm when i did she explained that she had just woken up which is fine as i prefer later evening appointments as i live in a quiet neighborhood and do need my neighbors knowing my business . So we both agreed on 1030 ish she sent me a tx and said she was going to be a little late as the traffic was bad the festival going on downtown and the highway being closed mad it a little difficult to get out to the west end. Well Kim Knotty arrived at my resident and greeted me at my door with a big hug and came in and made herself comfortable on my couch and we had a drink and chatted for a bit and then were moving upstairs but she stopped and grabbed the candle i had burning and brought it with her to my bedroom. She put it on my dresser and grabbed some thing out of her bag a blue tooth speaker and turned on some music and we started to undress and she had me lay down and started to massage me and after a bit the fun began. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about what went on for the respect of Kim Knotty but i will say that the 1 hr appoint that i had booked with Kim ended up turning into 7 hrs and during the evening chatted about quite a bit of stuff and by the end of the evening i came out with Kim's personal cell number and her real name and she has mine as we got very comfortable we each other and we have agreed that i will take a drive to see her in home town of Montreal . Well be leave you me i'm going to keep my word and go to Montreal as i just can't get this lady out of my head Lol Sorry for the long recommendation but i had to tell the hole story if you would like some of the services we did you can pm me as i do not feel its appropriate for me to divulge with out Kim.s permission. On a scale of 1 to 10 i will have to give Kim Knotty the STARS !!!!! mrfixitall
  2. does anybody have any info on this lady looks very interesting tks Post ID: 31881724 ottawa
  3. Good morning was surfing bp does anybody have any info on this ���� look very interesting pls pm me thx http://ottawa.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/hot-sexy-����-at-your-service/33015379
  4. just wondering if anyone has any info on this pics look to good to be true ??
  5. can anybody recommend an sp that has a little landing strip haven't had one in a while would love to find one tks
  6. Hi so I'm on holidays next week and an looking for a bit of advice on a duos team that does outs as its on my bucket list to do never done it and its must try before i die thing for me lol !! . And i prefer outs rather than ins for confidential reasons if anybody can recommend someone that would be great please just pm me thanks .
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