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  1. Cordolf

    So a little confussd

    Sorry i should have said that her messageing me does not bother me. It was just supriseing is all. All i wanted to know if this was a common thing or not. Sorry for any confussion written word is not my strong suite.
  2. So sometime nsw has happened to me. I ha e been seeing a new sp for about a month only 2 visits so far, i enjoy the service and the sp and i seem to get along as much as a cliant and sp do. But than the other day she just messages me out of the blue not asking about tpur bext meet up or anything but basicly just to talk and shoot the shit. I am still new to the hobby for seeing a sp but i have never had one before message to chat. Has this ever happen to anyone else?
  3. Good day I will be in kingston in july and wanted to know if there are any good MP in town or can some recomend a sp that does masseges. Thanks
  4. Cordolf

    Listing sites

    You can try leolist as well but it has mostly the same girls as nladult or backpage.
  5. Hello I'm sorry to bring this post back from the grave but I wanted to know if any had seen the provider in question? If some one could pm with their experance it would be a great help thanks
  6. Cordolf

    Massage In St.John's, NL

    If you are looking for extras than there is HUSH on Lamarchant RD is what you are looking for. There is also Executifsweet on waterstreet less extras though most girls are very easy on the eyes,
  7. Cordolf

    executif sweet- st. john's

    I go there as often as I can. While its true that they dont ofer full service, it still worth the time. Kacey is a sweat heart, she really is a pleasent girl to be around. But if you are looking for "more" tahn I would also suggest Hush.