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  1. I will be visiting Vancouver the first week of August and wanted to know if there are any massage parlors there. I live in the states Los Angeles to be exact and we have some very good parlors here so I was hopping to compare while in town. Any info would be a huge help. Is there a door fee? How much do you tip for hand job, blowjob and full service? These are the rates we pay down here. $50 gets you in the door and a half-hour. $70 gets you 45 mins and $90 gets you an hour. Most places have a $10 off coupon in the weekly papers. A hand job goes from $40 to $60. Blow job $60 to $80. And full service $100 to $120 or more if you are generous. Thanks for the help and I'll let you know how it goes when I get back.
  2. I'm looking for a slim and stacked provider in BC. The bigger the better. DD+ please are there any women like this here? Thanks for the help.
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