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  1. adam4landry

    Need some information

    There is one thing that i need to no is can the girls can travel around northern new brunswick.
  2. adam4landry

    Need some information

    They said the same thing to me.
  3. Hi everyone i need some info on a agency call "precious escorts" have any of you seen them ??? https://www.leolist.cc/pets/pets-other/new-brunswick/nb_other_precious_escorts_you_got_the_we_got_the_honey-5276175
  4. adam4landry

    Can anyone recommend....

    There are some from nova scotia, toronto and other part of canada that come to NB but i never seen any NB dominatrix if there are any ????
  5. Wait really $20 a song that not bad now what do you mean by fun pants ????
  6. Hi guys this is a trick question i want to no more about a Strip club call "Angies" in moncton about a private dance do the girls lapdance until (i hope i don't offend anybody) the guys blow in there pants sorry if i am sound weird but i am curious ????
  7. Hi everyone has anyone seen this sp before ??? don't no if she real or not. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/nb_other_new_in_town_just_arrived_book_now_outcall_only_gents-4763700
  8. adam4landry

    Femdom Moncton?

    I too am wondering if there any femdom in Moncton????
  9. Hi everyone has anybody ever hire this sp before https://www.leolist.cc/personals/dom-fetish/new-brunswick/fredericton_princess_angela_asian_sexy_online_real_time_session-3611434
  10. Hi everyone i would like to no if anyone ever seen her before http://halifax.backpage.ca/Domination/dom-sophia-asian-experienced-real-time-online-session-%E7%8E%B0%E5%AE%9E-%E7%BD%91%E7%BB%9C%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91%E8%B0%83%E6%95%99/3929962 Please let me no.
  11. adam4landry

    Badass Bella

    I would like to no more about her :biggrin: she sound like dominatrix is there any other way to contact her other than her phone number like a email could you pm me it ????
  12. Hi everyone i would like to no if anyone have ever hire this lady before https://newbrunswick.craigslist.ca/rnr/5586997769.html i have no idea if she legit or not ????
  13. adam4landry

    Kira / Taylyn

    I also want some detail about them :mrgreen:
  14. Hi again everyone i fond this ad on bp and i would like to no if she legit http://newbrunswick.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/new-relaxation-therapist-your-fetish-queen-is-here-22/1720235
  15. adam4landry


    Hmmm....... I smell something really bad about her :frown:.