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  1. Still all safe the last time I saw her.
  2. Yes she is still around. New number same service. Here a link to a discussion on her https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=239399
  3. Very nice women all safe. Is reviewed on this site as chanelstar.
  4. very nice women will probably repeat at some point.
  5. The ontario health unit I use only calls if there is a problem for everything they test for except, they do not give HIV info over the phone so you actually have to go back in to receive these results.
  6. I have received no pm and when I texted her I got no reply. no idea what to think about her
  7. I was also interest to know if anyone has seen her
  8. personally I prefer private residences but it depends what you can get for a residence. If its a small house in a subdivision neighbors are going to notice the extra traffic. If its more like an apartment complex there needs to be enough visitor parking or parking available close. The other thing to consider is can your clients be trusted. Something with a buzz in system maybe good to keep unannounced clients from just showing up at your door because they know where you are.
  9. these a good chance she isn't even preggers. She might just have a beer belly and telling people shes preggers just covers it up.
  10. going to be in ottawa in a couple weeks. are there any pregnant sp working?
  11. use to be a sierra who worked near the sports centre and curves area but haven't seen her advertise for at least two years probably more.
  12. chanelstar use to have a great duo partner but its been over a year since I had a duo with her.
  13. wasn't ment to be offensive. just saying i don't care if her s o knows, or is there, or if they work together doing threesomes as long as they aren't married.
  14. if i knew the sp was married i would stop seeing her. If she just has a so shes not married to i am ok with that. Hey if he wanted to tag team her i would be ok with that too.
  15. my two favorites (even though i have never seen sophia) http://www.meetchanel.com/index.html http://kisssophia.com/
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