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  1. Any future visit of great SP in Yellowknife. It's been a while
  2. There is a big ????? She got an ad in Whitehorse same time. Quite a bit odd. I texted her and she wants to be paid by email money transfer Looks like a bait n switch / scam. Red alert!!
  3. There is also a Sarah on bp. Pictures are very hit and sexy. (Uf real. Don tknow) Any info from her?
  4. Hi everyone. There is a Danielle ad on BP published very recently (end Aug) Look very hot and sexy. Anyone have some Qs about her? Please private me. Thanks Al666
  5. Hey folks. Anyone ever contact this Amanda she has an ad on bp yellowknife Here http://yellowknife.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/hello-gentlemen-my-name-is-amanda-i-will-be-visiting-in-september-in-call-and-out-call/2913332
  6. Hey folks about tonight tuesday in Ottawa. Who are the best recommendations. In private please
  7. Is anybody ever try to contact this girl? She has an ad on bp yk http://yellowknife.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/jazzy418-803-9399-new-in-yellowknife-im-your-desire/2899840 Real ad? Im curious Thanks Al
  8. albator666


    Huhhh yeah that a very nice set of tatoos on your arm :)
  9. albator666


    Looks like a very nice arm tatoo :)
  10. I doubt she lives in NT. so a 867 number.... not sure.
  11. Not sure bud. 867 number area code. That looks odd.
  12. Just see an ad on bp Yellowknife of Candal Vixen. Is it legit ?
  13. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone of you have heard of some SP visiting soon in Yellowknife. It's been a long time we get some great visit of great SP in Yellowknife.
  14. Jasmine on BP. Anyone ever call her or meet her? http://yellowknife.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/exotic-brunette-tanned-and-toned-baby-girl-amazing/2867968
  15. Hope she is very real and good because she is f ing pricy expensive!
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