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  1. I'm pretty sure that's a girl who originally went by Kourtney posting under a new name and number. She does that a lot. Tanycia is the only other name I can recall. Never saw her myself, heard nothing good.
  2. I second that, please let me know too.
  3. There are a LOT of horror stories when it comes to that lady. Don't remember the previous handles or phone numbers she's used, but she has a very bad reputation for years that I can recall. Drug abuse, bait and switch, take the money and run... I'd steer clear.
  4. I've always been interested in this style of massage, so have been watching the Craigslist ads advertising a for women only service since they began. Now it appears they finally have a female employee named Jennifer who can offer it to men, outcall only. http://newbrunswick.craigslist.ca/rnr/5683033922.html I am tempted, but unsure. They have a legit looking website, but I don't know if they're actually offering more and pretending not to, or if this exactly what they claim. And if it is, if the massage is worth it? Anyone booked an appointment yet, or planning to and will share? EDIT: Added the link I never bothered to. And should probably mention that I've been desperately hoping it IS just a massage, without any extras or funny business, hence my asking. I really was hoping to just experience a well-done massage. But considering that all 3 pictures they've posted so far in the CL ads have been easily proven as fakes by Google, I'm fairly confident this is just a bunch of bait and switch. Depressing. Please let me know if I'm wrong.
  5. Google and Tineye confirm her pics are all fakes.
  6. http://newbrunswick.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/gr3ek-available-moncton-im-here/2113608 Any information, good or bad, on this lady? PMs welcome, thanks.
  7. I have seen her. That's all I have to say.
  8. She's brand new in Moncton to the best of my knowledge, and I'm a fan of the tattoos. I was hoping someone had any information/recommendations on her? http://newbrunswick.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/sweet-east-coaster-fit-tiny-nordic-nikki/2042404
  9. I've slacked on really posting a good recommendation for Cindy here, and I accept the blame for that. But after an evening with her, I was so pleased that I didn't even really come back to check these boards for another couple weeks. Cindy is even prettier than you would know by looking at the pictures she has posted here. I was very apprehensive about the whole process, as I had not actually taken the steps to contact an SP before, and even wound up contacting her, like... Days in advance before I really needed to. But she was nothing but sweet and charming, and did an excellent job of putting me at ease once I finally arrived at her place. The place wasn't the Ritz, but it was discrete and comfy. We started things off with her giving me a truly excellent massage... And I don't say that lightly, having had my share of sports massage therapy and a few friends in the industry who help hook me up (I do love a massage). She's incredibly skilled with her hands, and was able to dig in deep just the way I like it. I could feel the pleasant ache from her working out some knots for daaaaays afterward. Cindy has a wonderfully soft, curvy body with an excellent set of hips that are built for hanging on to. After we finished, we both took the time to have a smoke and chatted for a while on the sheets, and the lady is not only great to look at but great to listen to. A good sense of humor and entertaining stories helped abolish most of my nerves. Once I was ready to go again, with a little extra for a tip, we wrapped up the hour. I won't go into the details, but I was left completely satisfied by the time I went off to shower and get my things together. Cindy not only made me feel good, but made me feel good about myself after a long period of abstinence. If I won the lottery, I'd call her every week.
  10. Thanks everyone, for the recommendations both here and in my message box. I'd visited a few massage parlours back when I lived in Ontario, years ago, but this is my first time pursuing it this far so... Yeeeah, I get a little hesitant. I've already spoken with Cinderella_xo on the phone, and will be doing my best to see her sometime this weekend as soon as my schedule opens up. I'm new here, she's new here, we posted on the same day... It seemed like a happy circumstance, no?
  11. I'm a bit new to the forum here, and to the hobbyist thing as well... So I was hoping someone might point me in a good direction. I was hoping to hit up an evening with some lady late this week for an incall session. I'm 29 years old myself, and a fan of a little older ladies (though anything can go). A good massage would be a welcome bonus, but isn't a deal breaker. A lot of the ladies currently advertising in Moncton seem to be vanishing before I'm available by this weekend, and I'd like to get the chance to trade a few emails with someone first to ease the tension. Any recommendations?
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