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  1. Charlotte seems to be in Montreal. Are there no girls in Quebec city? I really want a date next week and am having a very hard time finding a young, fit, sexy girl in Quebec city!! TB
  2. one of her posts was advertising duo's, maybe she does couples? try her.
  3. guess all the ottawa girls are in bed now? got in late, would love a visit downtown..... msg me soon if interested.
  4. torontoblue


    hey baby. you do overnights? couples? pm me. xo
  5. seems like there are no girls in NL full time. If any girls are around on the 8th this week let me know. Looking overnight, dinner and drinks and more if that works. barring that, whats the best SC to hang out in? Thats always a good alternative. thanks all!! TB
  6. from what i understand, nothing is allowed during a private show. its like being in perverts row, not really much more. i do love that the waitresses (yes i know they're dancers) get naked, its at least fun. just nothing like the clubs in mont or TO. still had fun, i'll check out lipstixx next time i'm in town, heard some shady things about teasers, but solid gold was a real bust on a wed. cheers, tb
  7. hello all, i'm in halifax for a night next week and would like a date overnight. looking for someone young (25 or under) fit, open, sensual, likes to have a few drinks and have fun. can anyone recommend someone or if any of the girls are interested please get in touch. 1k is my upper limit. thank you, i can't wait to have fun! tb
  8. hey folks, just wanted to share my experience. went to a couple clubs last night. started at solid gold cuz it was an easy walk. 7 dollar cover... ok... and maybe one hot girl, very little talent and pretty bored girls.. went to teasers after. MUCH better. not a ton of girls, maybe 10 total, but almost all hotties. LOVE how the waitresses get up and dance, both waitresses were total hotties and loved seeing them naked. much more fun. all in all, it was way worth the extra drive/cab to teasers. i wouldn't go back to solid gold. cheers tb
  9. anyone know of girls that will do overnight, or at least a couple hours hanging and drinking then a couple in the bedroom? any recommendations i'd appreciate. thanks! tb
  10. Hey there, Have done this before in toronto and will be in Ottawa tues night thought I might give it a try. Looking for a girl for an overnight thing. Dinner wherever you like, drinks, fun out, then back to the westin for fun in. I prefer fit, sexy, 20-25 yr old girls who are at least a little kinky, fun, and like to party. You should have as much fun at this as I plan to. Let me know if you're interested, if you have a site or if not we can trade pics over email, and when you can be available tues night. thanks, Happy thanksgiving. TB
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