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  1. She used to run ads out of winnipeg as Bailee Banxxx and some other names that I can not recall. Never heard of any thing good but I never actually seen her for a reason that eludes me..yeah I have a crappy memory. I do remember the face so I am staying away.
  2. I arranged to see her one evening! she looked a little weathered compared to her pics! I asked for a drink of water and she proceeded to knock on the bathroom door....I left immediately!
  3. She is a little firecracker! extending a her trip! Go see her!!! http://jerseygirls.ca/katie/
  4. Not worth the effort at this time! rather plain and sloppy! I got the feeling there was alot of turmoil in her life. She is not what she advertised, hestiated and made excuses. I left after fifteen minutes!
  5. Glovesyou

    YES! Attention grabber!
  6. Yeah, I got the same reply about a cam session first for new clients!
  7. Sweet and sexy ad on EC looks interesting. Anyone have any comments please PM!
  8. Don't know if this is a fly by night op? I chatted the number via text and response was that they were in town only until tuesday morning!
  9. I was montoring their posts since about early January. They seem to bounce from out or in/out or massage?? Still want to check Mercedes and then Ariel!
  10. Has anyone have info to share about VALENTINA from CJ
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