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  1. pooneatter


    Anyone Info on Vanessa? Says available every day.
  2. Anyone have any experience with Tanya? In Kingston now, been here quite a few times lately
  3. Any info on Brooklyn? She has visited Kingston and Belleville a few times recently, any experiences with her ?
  4. Anyone know where Daniella went from PA? Another spa or retired?
  5. pooneatter

    Alexis French

    Any info on Alexis? Service and experiences with her
  6. pooneatter


    Has anyone seen Dezirae? In Belleville now 1469
  7. pooneatter

    RMT Massage

    Looking for a RMT that will accept benefits for massage but will also provide HE for cash. Anyone have any info for Belleville area? PM
  8. are any of these girls close to the age they post? I seen NANA a while ago and she posts as 23 but is late 30's
  9. pooneatter

    Jaz BP 5046

    Any info about Jaz? Sorry no link
  10. pooneatter

    Vanessa BP 8764

    Seen that she posted on BP today for Innes Rd location. Any info on her? Sorry no link
  11. pooneatter

    Chanel @ Angels Touch

    Yes it helps lol. Any client reviews of her?
  12. Anyone seen Chanel lately? Looking for info on her
  13. Posted on BP Any info on these two?
  14. pooneatter

    Angels Touch options

    I didn't see any info or reviews on the attendants I mentioned
  15. I will be visiting PA soon and looking for reviews or info on Kelly, Selena and Candice. Anyone seen them lately? pm