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  1. Anyone visit yet? Pm me if you want http://belleville.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/gorgeous-mature-milf-a-true-goddess-new-to-the-business/66812683
  2. Talent visits this town, they dont stay very long. Myself, am iffy about visiting hotels in a small town, so i stray to another town to play usually. If you do take one for the team, let us know. Happy punting.
  3. Anyone have any info on another Stella ?? Looks smokin hot. http://kingston.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/stella-new-here-freaky-freaky-put-me-2-the-test/46118132
  4. There seems to be an influx of new talent. Someones got to TOFTT. Im not there this weekend
  5. She has advertised before, left, now back again. Any info guys? Thanks. http://kingston.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/warm-up-with-these-specials-duos-and-singles-1-cu-m-see-my-talents-along-with-much-more/52423642
  6. Trinity is awesome and so fun. I recommend. Every acronym aval. Lots of eye contact.
  7. Ive seen fay. Cute slim, ok boobs. Broken english, but very fun. i had a great time. No idea where she is now.
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