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  1. never got a responce that day. when i made this thread there were pictures, when i went back to look at the ad there was no more pictures. so i am going to sermize the ad is a fake.
  2. hey :) want to have relaxing and fun time;) ? i am your girl | Thunder Bay | Northern Ontario | Female Escorts | LeoList has anyone seen this not local amy, any info is appreciated.
  3. is it me or all the adds that are contact by email only all fakes. is there any that are real?
  4. has anyone any info on tasty tia she advertises on lac
  5. both were advertised on leolist. I don't see them on there anymore.
  6. just had two bad experiences to day one with kimmie and the second was with Jessica. both were not the same as their ad's pictures. so I ask what happened to all the good local sp's that worked in thunder bay including the house that brought ladies in town?
  7. the one going by kimmie is a bait and switch. the pictures are of a white lady but when you get to the room it is a Portuguese lady.
  8. Is it just me or do other hobbyist have trouble with getting a response from sp's. the line I use when first contacting them is " saw your ad on ________ and would like to know more.". Is this wording wrong, should I be using different words to get a response. I do follow the sp's request to not use a blocked id also.
  9. we need more info like her ad and where did you see it please
  10. I have checked it out and have seen a couple of locals advertising there.
  11. yes the picks are not of her. she is better than the pictures. I would recommend her. just so you know she does not speak English.
  12. has anyone found any of the email addresses on leolist to be legit or are they all just scams.
  13. I will try to stay on the positive side and say where to go. I know from experience that the timmies on Arthur is a good place to go if it is late at night, so is the one on Cumberland. I will say this though if it is privacy that you are looking for then you need to get your coffee to go and find somewhere to park and talk.
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