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  1. dondonald


    sorry. ad is on LL
  2. dondonald


    Anyone seen her? pics are great and I am coming to town this week. would love a reco if anyone has toftt
  3. dondonald


    did you ever take the plunge Kahli? would love to know if she is legit as well. it's tough to trust the SPs from LL if they won't post here as well.
  4. didn't want to start a new thread guys but visiting soon and looking for recos
  5. dondonald

    Candace? Any info??

    interested as well
  6. dondonald


    Anyone have any feedback? She is a member and it seams like a reco is overdue
  7. Does anyone have any info on this girl? I am reluctant to go outside of cerb without a recomendation.
  8. I see KimDollie ads for Sydney on another site but I don't see any reviews. Perhaps some of the other fellas have some feedback on her?
  9. dondonald

    massage new glasgow?

    I have seen a few threads asking for SP's in that area. I can't believe there aren't any but I have never seen one on here