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  1. After browsing through this site I found a lady who fits most of the ideal qualities I cannot find in an escort these days: A voluptuous frame (think figure eight); willing and interactive duo participant; intelligent and sexually creative. I made the arrangements with her through various mediums. She brought a friend of hers for the birthday present that was just as willing which made my present that much more fun to unwrap. I stepped a little nervous but am greater with a wonderful site: Torrie in wonderful scarlet pulling VC towards me for what was the first threeway kiss of this adventure. We slipped into our suits and started enjoying each other; first with Torrie and her wonderful apple booty, then to VC with a form that was too good to be true. Maybe it was the moment but they appeared bigger than what i thought they would be, and oh what fun they were. As we moved around each other with flesh of every end got played, pulled, squeezed, licked, tapped, creamed upon. The wit and charm going on all the while made things even more relaxed. The rhythm of the session was intense as we all ended up wanting more with every quiver. Sadly I never got the chocolate they offered that kept taunting me the whole time. For looks I'd say a solid 8 or 9 they are curvy and you get what your asking, especially in the boob department. Enthusiasm a 10. There is no end to the wonderful things they do together. Personality a 9. They have things to talk about and that can help you relax and regain some control. I like people who are people and not just a simple machine. That let's you know with a gushing-screaming-laughing-gasm that they love their work, and what you're doing. Also it helps to have someone who pushes back as after all a little friction can rub you the right way. This however might not jive with some people. If I can repeat I will, and I would easily recommend as you get every penny so to speak.
  2. I've been looking at reviews and postings on this site and I like what I see. I will be in the GTA next week and I've been looking to give myself a few treats for the past few months; A delayed birthday present and a reward of sorts. Basically a few curvy ladies would do me just fine, even better if they play well together. Any recommendations? SP's I'm up for your input as well. -Gred
  3. I will be in the Area next week and I would like to get myself a few thank you/belayed birthday presents so to speak. I'm looking for two ladies who perform as a fully interactive duo, bonus if they're curvy/busty. Can anyone recommend a few?
  4. I'm pretty much in the same boat here. I'm looking for a few ladies for a fully interactive duo as well on the week of the 15th. If anyone can recommend a few please PM me.
  5. Thanks a bunch Ms. Kayne can't wait to make this one happen.
  6. I'm looking for any providers in TBay that are figure 8's i.e. they have a full set up top with some junk in the trunk, and can do a full on duo. MSG me if you can help.
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