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    I have come to chew bubble gum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubble gum. I'm here to try new things, new experiences and meet new people. Tired of the regular, boring and the mundane, ready for some excitement.
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    Just trying to find new experiences

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  1. Hi all, My birthday is coming up soon and I'm at a point in my life where I feel it's time that I retired from hobbying. In all honesty I haven't been doing much hobbying for a while now but never could bring myself to make the decision to finally retire. So now I'm at that point where I need to focus on other important parts of my life, the really good parts. That being said, I want to ask all of you: what would you do to celebrate your birthday and your last time as a hobbyist? Looking for ideas and suggestiobns. CheerS!!!
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes SPUD!!!
  3. Has anyone seen Alma at her new location? I think her ad says Blair and Innes? I've seen her as on BP but they keep going on and off. I'm curious if her new location is legit or not?
  4. I got to see Hailey again recently and it was a moment I'll never forget. Her hair is a bit longer than last time, but aside from that she was the same firecracker as always. Her body as always is amazing, she's petite but knows how to use every inch of it. As I said before she is a girl who takes sensuality to an all new level. Its like being in a room with an exotic contortionist...yeah we've all had that fantasy and Hailey provides that! Gents if you have not seen this girl yet, get off your butts and go see her, she is one unforgettable woman!
  5. I had the pleasure of experiencing Hailey at paradise recently. This girl oozes sexuality, eroticism, and confidence to her core. She's gorgeous, smart, and what's more she has a powerful personality. The best way I can describe my experience is if you've ever watched gymnastics and fantasized about hooking up with a gymnast to see if you would make a good balancing beam or pommel horse. Watch out for this girl guys, she is a firecracker and a wonder to behold!!!
  6. mahcus00


    Wow!!!! Simply amazing!!!
  7. Recently I had the utmost pleasure of walking in to Paradise and meeting SabrinaR. She is not only a BBW but she has a heart of gold and the hands of an Artist. Being a reflexologist truly ads to her experience. We started with her asking me if I wanted a light or Deep tissue massage, I instantly went for the Deep tissue and it was a wise choice. She worked all my sore spots...yes gents...I mean ALL!!!! During our time we chatted quite a bit and she was an absolute delight. Gentlemen if one day you wake up like me with a sore back or neck, check where Sabrina is working and book your appointment quick. She will take away all your aches and pains.
  8. mahcus00

    glub glub, what fun in the tub :)
  9. mahcus00

    IMG 00000274

    It's like watching a sexier version of Tron
  10. mahcus00

    IMG 0866

    Yowza!!!! that's the first word I was able to say after picking up my bottom jaw off the floor
  11. "Losers always whine about their best, winners go home and fuck the prom queen !" -Sean Connery from The Rock
  12. how can you go driving and no listen to... Life is a Highway?
  13. mahcus00


    nothing...I repeat...NOTHING is hotter...than a woman with glasses!!!!
  14. First of all, if this guy lost his erection while in mid "coitus" with a beautiful woman, the last thing he should be complaining about is how wet she is. Secondly, to the guy who did this...congratulations dumbass, looks like the only sex you'll be having going forward is with your hand Don't waste your time with this guy! consider it a blessing in disguise that you found out what kind of man he is sooner rather than later
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