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  1. I agree with you. I felt the need to post since I hear about it very often and was afraid my reputation was at stake... :) Thank you all for your support! I feel much better now! Xox
  2. Thank you so much guys! I have heard from clients all over Canada how she insists on bad mouthing me and it was starting to be scary. As I said I have nothing against this girl, I love to keep a positive mind and stay away from drama but i was starting to get scared that people would believe the horrible things she says about me! I don't know why she is doing it but I don't want to partake in any of her craziness... Anyhow, thank to you all for your kind words, this means a lot! Looking forward to coming back to beautiful Halifax and have a loooot of fun with you :) Lola xox
  3. Dear Cerb members, I am visiting Halifax this week and wanted to address a concern I have with another provider that has been spreading negative rumors about me and attacking my character wherever she goes, to almost every gentleman she meets. Even though to me, this is completely not the attitude a GFE provider should have, as she should be focused on the satisfaction of her client and on providing the best experience he could dream of, I feel this becomes a problem to me when visiting a city like Halifax where I haven't been often. I do not want to name her or bad mouth her in any ways, this is not my intention here. I do know her, and we do have a history together, but I hold no grudge against her. All I would like to ask for is your advice on this situation, and also clear my name, as these allegations are absolutely not true and uncalled for. thank you in advance Lola xox
  4. Hey guys, First off I want to say how great it feels to read such positive exchanges between gentlemen and ladies on an escorts review board... I haven't been able to spend too much time on the boards in the past year as I was busy with the booking services I was offering other ladies (fyi - now over, ill elaborate soon). I am sure I would have seen conversations like this one more often if my time wasnt dedicated to booking and problem fixing, and I am looking forward to participating much more!! Ok.... I felt like its OK to share my thoughts.... Not in details, sorry, as there is certain experiences, like this one, that are so special and so intimate that I keep for myself like a beautiful treasure... First, the way I have always approached working as a companion is to be myself. I have a lot of love to give and truly care about the people I meet, and make sure I only share this experience with those who want to be with a person over a list of "services". I see my role as yes, a sexual fantasy, but also as a confidante, a woman that truly cares about my clients well being, whether its physical, psychological, emotional... I have met many people who I felt useful to and that also helped me tremendously without not even knowing about it, and created many friendships along the way... Gloryhole (LOLLLL how can I be serious after calling you that), you and I only know what experience we shared... It was indeed particularly great! It also felt really special to me. You know that already... You touched my heart with the beautiful person that you are, your strenght as a man yet your sweetness and the fact that you worried about me and not for a second made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. It was just great, as pleasurable for me (more?lol) as it was for you. I also felt like for the time we were together all the world around us, all my worries, all of yours, disappeared. This truly was something that doesn't happen very often and I will stop there. :-P Since we are 2 emos we already took the time to talk about all of this... I think we both have great respect towards another, and Im thankful of the honesty of all of our exchanges! What I have to say is this: Was it real? For sure! Was it special? For sure! What was it? who knows! Do we care? hell no, we shared a moment, it felt great for both of us.. Are we letting life and expectations and labels ruin that moment for us? Nope! What does the future hold? Who knows, but for sure the beautiful memory of that time together! Guys, live life to the fullest, let beautiful moments happen to you without the need for explanation or expectations, just live and enjoy! :) Thank you again babe, you have a friend in me forever! xoxox
  5. Gentlemen, My name is Lola Cherie, I am a well known upscale companion for gentlemen with years of experience as an agency owner and consultant for female adult companions, and a flawless reputation! I am very happy to announce the opening of a new elite GFE companions association created by my best friend Lily Lace and I : Lace & Cherries www.laceandcherries.com The ladies at Lace & Cherries made Ottawa one of their prime touring destination! Do not miss our first associate visiting tomorrow (thursday aug 8) until Saturday aug 10; Lea Angel (formerly known as Lorie @ MGF) A true ray of sunshine, this California blonde/Sienna Miller lookalike will make you fall in love at the very first sight of her hot little 5'4, 125lbs body, long naturally blonde hair, sexy sun-kissed complexion and big shiny brown eyes. Lea's natural sexiness and beauty perfectly compliments her easy-going, fun and enthusiastic personality that will make you comfortable, a curious and gifted mind (she is very cultured, speaks several languages and can carry a conversation on many different topics) that will fascinate you, a vibrant passion for pleasure complimented by amazing skills and insatiable energy behind closed door. What more can you ask for? Lea is the total package; her stellar reviews speak for themselves!! LEA ANGEL'S CERB RECOMMENDATIONS http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=142215&highlight=LORIE http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=135371&highlight=LORIE Ottawa Donation : 250/h Please visit our website for multiple hours package, more information on Lace & Cherries and to register to our mailing list!! www.laceandcherries.com Contact us today for your rendezvous with the amazing Lea Angel!!! [email protected] 613-883-4445 Sweet Kisses, Lily and Lola
  6. LolaCherie


    :) Thank you!
  7. Hi, I just came across your post. I can not imagine how hard it must be. I lost a family member who I was very closed to, and I still feel like a part of me is missing and it will never be the same. It's sad, so sad. I admire your courage and your ability to ask for guidance and help! I assume that it was me you were referring to. I must say that as special as this can make me feel, I agree with those who said it was better to forget that idea. I don't feel like I could be able to help you in any way, and to me it seems like this situation can just make things harder for you. As its been said before I am not her, I am probably completely different, and I am afraid that there is nothing I could do or say that could comfort you... I do think that you should try and maybe go on a date, or even book time with an SP (I would be happy to recommend someone if I know them). It would ease you into the idea of moving on with your heart, because I am sure you wife is by your side and would be sad to see you aching and lonely. She will always hold a place in your heart and getting close to someone else is just about you, taking care of you. I really wish you the best! I thought it was important to write you and show my support... Love, Lola xox
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