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  1. We will be closing down the survey portion of the Street-to-Screen project on the 15th of August. At that time we will begin the vital, but time consuming, process of transcribing and sorting through the 100s of hours of interviews and analyzing the wealth of survey responses about the diverse ways that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) influence how people involved in the sale and purchase of sexual services develop connections, exchange information, and negotiate the details of the sex for money exchange. Our first use of this information will be to prepare a detailed report for the Department of Justice Canada as an addendum to our participation at the round table inquiry on Former Bill C-36 that was held in Vancouver on 24 March 2017. Beyond this, we will be producing policy reports, academic analyses, and media statements that adequately represent the full range of the contributions and experiences of the people who have taken the time and opportunity to speak out through this project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many service providers/escorts/sex workers and clients who are members of this community who have provided such positive feedback and support for the research over the past year. Thanks to your contributions this project will represent a large number of voices and experiences of people involved in the sale and purchase of the sexual services. These numbers make a difference, particularly for policy makers, legislators and judiciary that place a high value on evidence for the development of policy and in making determinations about the constitutionality of law. For those of you who still wish to make your contribution to this important and one of a kind project, it is not too late. The online survey will remain accessible until the 15th of August https://www.street-to-screen.ca.
  2. There is a gap in knowledge around how people who sell and purchase sexual services exchange information and communicate with one another. Considering the recent changes to Canadian law that are directly impacting the ways that people advertise and communicate it is vital that we address this gap in understandings and work towards the development of a better evidence base to inform the (re)development of policy and law. Most sex industry research focuses on the attitudes, understandings or experiences of either people who provide sexual services (i.e., sex workers) OR the people who purchase these services (i.e., clients). We are seeking to provide a forum for both people who sell and pay for sexual services. We believe that bringing the voices and perspectives together will help to better understand the complexities of the sex industry in Canada, and in particular the factors influencing health and safety within, and in relation to, the industry. Please click the image below to see if you are eligible to participate in this research study.
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    Sex Safety and Security Study

    Just a quick update on the study results: We presented many of the results during the hearings relating to Bill .... Given the potential impact of the new laws we felt that spending our time writing submissions to the various committees and presenting the results to the committees, to mainstream media and to various interest groups was the best use of our time. We have begun to generate targeted results reports for sex industry organizations, policy makers, educators police and health care providers. These are not public documents but they are designed to provide an empirical context for key decision makers to develop appropriate responses/strategies relating to the new laws (passed under ...). Some of the preliminary (descriptive) findings from the research were presented at an international symposium in Ottawa in October and can be found in the summary report for the larger Team Grant (linked above) We will be releasing a larger project-specific summary report in the next month. We will post a link to the document when we make the document public. A short article will appear in the next edition of Research for Sex Work that details some of our key findings with respect to client-........ relations and the likely impact of .... We have about 40 articles outlined and we will be spending the next year completing them. As they are finalized we will be providing links on the sexsafetysecurity.ca web site.
  4. Trade Secrets - http://www.tradesecretsguide.blogspot.ca/
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    Sex Safety and Security Study

    Thanks for the feedback cinelli and thanks for taking the time to be included in this project.
  7. Check out today's Metro article talking about the Sex, Safety and Security study. Nice to see that the journalist - Jessica Smith - didn't decide to take the popular angle of saying that people who purchase sexual service fuel the "massive human trafficking market" in Canada. http://metronews.ca/news/canada/681752/b-c-researcher-seeks-canadians-who-pay-for-sex/
  8. My apologies, but the link to the Johns' Voice study highlighted above seems to be broken because it is picking up the trailing ")". The link to the study is: http://www.johnsvoice.ca Chris
  9. Thank-you for the support and the earlier link. The support and encouragement that I have received from workers across Canada has been invaluable to ensuring that this project is a success. be well, Chris
  10. While some members of this board's community may have come across our advertisement for this project in your local Canadian daily tabs, , or discussion boards. I was only recently made aware of this board. While the project will soon come to a close, I am committed to doing everything possible to get the word out to as many patrons of the industry as possible so that the full range of thoughts, experiences and beliefs can be reflected in the debates surrounding the sex industry. For those of you who have not heard about this research or who are still a bit unclear what the research is about and why your participation is so important, let me explain. Many of you may be aware that, right now there are important events, such as the 2010 Olympics and challenges to the current Canadian prostitution laws that are placing the issues of buying sex into the public arena. These activities offer a rather unique opportunity to challenge common stereotypes of the industry in general and clients of sex workers in particular. One of the principle aims of this research is to create a more rounded and fair picture of the experiences of sex buyers, and to build bridges of communication between the sex industry and the various community, health, academic, policy, advocacy, and legislative interest groups who have had the sole authority over prostitution policy in Canada - often with tragic results for the people who buy and sell sex. There are two main ways that people who are interested in having your voice heard can participate in the research; a conversational interview or a self-administered questionnaire. Sadly, I will be closing down the survey and interview portion of this project on the 1st of April so that I can begin the vital, but time consuming, process of transcribing and sorting through the 70 hours of interviews and analyzing the mountain of survey responses to generate meaningful policy reports, academic analyses and media statements. My goal is to have these analyses completed by the 31st August. For those of you who still wish to make your contribution to this project, the online and downloadable survey (http://www.johnsvoice.ca) will remain accessible until the 1st of April. I will also be scheduling conversational interviews (telephone and in-person) until the 1st of April with the final interviews being completed on or before the 15th of April. If you have any questions or concerns about this research, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank-you again, Chris /*-- Chris Atchison Department of Sociology and Anthropology Simon Fraser University 8888 University Drive Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5A1S6 Phone: 604.339.0069 E-mail: [email protected] http://www.johnsvoice.ca --*/