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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_come_have_fun_in_my_tight_pxxxy_daddyxox_ready_now_xxxx-5712140 All pics of this girl are fake...she does not offer anything she promises and is very disinterested in even attempting to play...she then suggests you go to one of the other 5 girls that she is traveling with...of coarse they are in different hotels very close by...she keeps the money a new text is sent to you with a room number...but alas no one there. then communication stops...if you go back to her room wont answer door.
  2. I have to totally agree with my fellow hobbiest... i met Alexandra this am and it was one of the best interactions i have had with a sp. She is passionate and goes above and beyond. It was if i was on a hot date with a beautiful women and the date went better than my wildest expectations....it was obvious that if you respected her she would treat you like her favorite boyfriend....Thanks Alexandra i hope our paths cross again...
  3. She does have Tats....i do not post often as most of the time others say all that there is to say...i will make a exception this time..One of the best sessions i have ever had...very nice, pleasant hot girl. She made our time together feel very special fun and exciting. My thanks to her be good to her.
  4. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_1000_real_1_brunette_beauty_by_nature_naughty_by_choice-4694190 Saw her...her pics are not her...there was clearly someone else hiding in the bathroom..none of the services she agreed to by text happened.. she did not even want any contact...buyer beware on this one..as it was the worst experience ever for me
  5. tried to connect with this person...she was very abrupt on phone hung up because i didn't know where her street was..i won't try again
  6. Saw this young lady this afternoon. She was fantastic. I can't tell for sure if the pics are from her a few months ago or sister lol but close enough no one will be disappointed. She was professional from first contact. She was on time and not in a rush. We had a very good time and she was really into the session. Had a great chat afterwards...she was a pleasure to talk to. I thought about trying to keep this one for myself but i wouldn't be doing her or the rest of you any favors. Treat her well. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/the-perfect-treat-%D0%BD-%CE%B9-%C9%A2-%D0%BD-%CA%9F-%CA%8F-%D1%95-%C4%B8-%CE%B9-%CA%9F-%CA%9F-e-%D4%81-%C4%B8%CE%B9ller-c%CF%85rve%D1%95-%CF%85%CF%81/75878588
  7. she was going by a different name last week...i did not have a good experience at all...fake pics, not as discussed and could not get me out fast enough...
  8. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/new-girl-slim-waist-big-booty-stunning-face-skills-out-this-world-587-402-8211/74582898 this is the link...she has changed her name to IVY this week.
  9. Don't waste your time with this one boys...fake pics no personality and can't get you out of there fast enough. Right now seems to be a lot of alternatives try anywhere else.
  10. Not as advertised photos may be recent but not of her. can't comment on the services as I did not stick around...
  11. Met with her yesterday, her pictures are real and she is very friendly and pleasant. She is advertised as GFE and she does her best to be that. Very slow and sensual not a wild one. So it really depends on your taste. Overall I would have no issue recommending her. hope that helps
  12. I did actually...I was thinking the same thing but to my surprise she was exactly what the pictures showed. She was very quiet and although I thought the way she started she was trying to rush me out of there. she settled in and REALLY enjoyed herself which was more than I have seen from many. great experience would have booked again but I saw her the morning she was leaving. if she returns she is worth a visit. killer natural body.
  13. I met her as well...she is very cute and as advertised. she has a list of extras to choose from and is very accommodating. I also noticed bruised on her arms. we were abruptly interrupted by her security pounding on the door. she was very upset by this however it ended the session even though the guy left. kind unsettling to say the least!
  14. Saw her yesterday, she is hot and up for anything will see her again
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