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  1. I will be in Collingwood next week. Can anyone recommend a local SP.
  2. Apparently the girls are from Toronto. Any reviews.
  3. there doesn't seem to be regular travelling SPs in Timmins. Does anyone have any recent experience with local advertised ladies. Sky or Roxanne.
  4. Anyone know any good sp's in the collingwood area.
  5. Just worked a hard day moving. Had an excellent sensual massage with Aeva. She truly relieved me of my stress as she claimed.
  6. Apparently had returned to Fredericton. Has anyone here met this girl?
  7. I'm new to this so if someone could help I'd appreciate it. When these terms are advertised do you have to give a donation in advance to ensure a more enhanced encounter?
  8. Are there any Sp'a in Fredericton interested in a little back door action?
  9. I find pregnant woman a huge turn on. Luv spooning.
  10. Any recommendations for this independent escort?
  11. I will be in Fredericton next week. Had doubts about Ms Sofia V. I will definitely contact her. Thanks
  12. I love their beautiful derrières. And oh how they shake. I'll always "give a dollar"
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