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  1. As I stated in my post, her ad is not currently up. So I cannot attach a link. I booked with her for end of this week, but she tells me today she isn’t working during the time is he had booked me in. I haven’t seen her before, so thought I’d ask if anyone else has. Identifying part of her ad is that it says she’s ’trained and fit’.
  2. Has anyone ever met this provider? Advertised on Kijiji, stated she is trained and fit, located near Polo Park. Her ad is up sporadically, so currently no link I can attach.
  3. I'm seeing Michelle tomorrow. Your reviews all seem positive. I'm looking forward to possibly finding out how a Nuru massage goes. :-)
  4. I went here a few weeks ago. I was early for my appointment, so I waited for about 10 minutes, as the attendant was with a client. When that session ended, I saw that it was an elderly Asian woman who was the massage attendant. My interest was lessened, and I made an excuse that I had to leave. So I didn't actually go the distance here.
  5. I've seen Christine. Good massage. Happy Ending was really good. Topless offered at the end.
  6. There's nothing I can write about her on here without violating site rules of being nice.
  7. I'm new to CERB, and generally to this hobby. I've read many references to ladies from BP. What is BP? Also, I enjoy reading the many reviews. It seems there is much to learn, and much to experience.
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