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    Just a guy looking for some fun
  1. henryporter

    sad day

    I agree with Meg 100 percent. This used to be a thriving informative and interactive place to come for getting things done. I'm not sure why anyone is sad that BP is on its way out. Maybe your emoji fetish will take a hit but I always thought of it as a minefield or crapshoot at best. And the kicker is that the girls that have reputation probably got a boost from the guys on here giving recommendations. Good riddance to BP in my opinion.
  2. henryporter

    Calling Out LYLA's Biased SP's

    More fake news
  3. henryporter

    Sad News

    This lifestyle is something that I feel should be very private and discrete. That means that you should probably be quiet about what you know or think you know. No one ever said the wrong thing by keeping their mouth shut. Even the grieving process in a case like this should be private IMO. I think the whole community would respect the fact that less was said than more H
  4. henryporter

    Ms.Samantha ???

    She put up an ad as recently as Saturday. Seems the email is still valid.
  5. henryporter

    being Black mailed

    If someone is in your house and they should not be you need to call the police before they do something worse. You and your children are at risk and always will be until this person is dealt with. Anyone that oversteps the bounds of what you are willing to do in terms of the relationship is a predator and uncontrollable. You need to change your locks and if i were you I would get some cameras set up to record this person manipulating you. You may as well face this head on as i doesn't sound like its going to improve any time soon. H
  6. Miracles do happen! Welcome back Vitto
  7. henryporter

    Online sexshop...

    Pinkcherry for sure. Can't beat the prices there, especially for Lelo.
  8. henryporter

    Private Browsing in Firefox for iOS

    Did a bit of searching on this and it seems that Firefox is a reluctant browser in iOS. Too technical for me but it seems that Apple won't let third party browsers completely use there own code to operate on the iOS platform. Updating to the latest version would probably be a good idea if you want to use Firefox because the seem to have only made it available a few years ago.
  9. henryporter

    Private Browsing in Firefox for iOS

    There's a little icon that is purple with a mask symbol in it on the top right after you push the number one on the top right. The mask doesn't appear until you tap the number. Similar to Safari when you hit the 2 little squares on the bottom. Watch the attached link. I know it Android but same idea.
  10. henryporter

    "Clients who cum too fast"

    reading between the lines... is she saying she wants a date with me?
  11. I just love good bye threads. No such thing as a bad one.
  12. henryporter

    feet/ fetish

    and a clean ass?? Not standard? I guess the good old days are gone?
  13. This is a great thread... it has Exotic Touch Danielle's avatar pic .Yummy! Oh right, back on topic perhaps the OP should have do a real life test and gone to see ladies of all different price ranges. I certainly have, and as stated here already it just speaks to the type of experience that you may have. That doesn't mean that you will enjoy any one experience better either just because of higher rates. They are just different. There are some ladies that are out of my price range right now that I would love to see what that experience is all about but that will have to wait for now. I certainly don't begrudge them asking the rate they charge. Thats just what it is. H
  14. henryporter

    The Facts on Squirting...

    This thread has me all mixed up. I've seen first hand how much "fluid" there is available for squirting. It certainly did not seem like it was pee. But then again if its not then where is it stored? Does it only release when having fun? Does it have a best before date if thats the case? Its okay to get it in your eye. Hope this doesn't help. H
  15. henryporter

    Games or Cold Feet?

    Thanks for bringing this up Brody because it seems to be a topic both sides need to address. Your situation is really unfortunate because you are a willing communicator which in my opinion helps certain guys make a decision. Personally I like to establish a bit of back and forth if I am interested in you because it makes for a better and more comfortable encounter. The chat room used to be a great place to meet and greet and feel things out. No ladies seem to go there anymore so now I have to PM or text. However I really feel like I am intruding and because its not a fluid conversation I begin to feel like a time waster if I send more than a few texts. Kind of hard to get or stay enthusiastic when you feel like you're being a pain in the backside. However if i invested a week of your and my time then I would not cancel or not book. You have great info on your website and you seem to take the right approach in the way you handle things so don't let this make you change. Not sure if its games or cold feet but it doesn't help any of us in an already tough lifestyle. H