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  1. The short answer to your question is 'Yes it is a problem in Ottawa. 'It's a problem in strip clubs, massage parlors, cam modelling sites, hotels, motels, condos, air bnb's and on many well traveled streets throughout the city. Please note that I'm in no way conflating consensual sexual service providers with sex trafficking victims. There's a lot to unpack regarding this topic but I can state unequivocally that dancers with pimps are very common in virtually every strip club in Ontario. The problem is that many dancers don't identify themselves as being trafficked because they have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with their pimp. Moreover, while there are a few clubs that try to screen out girls with pimps, many other clubs are complicit by turning a blind eye to girls with pimps. I'll leave the entertainer vs. sex worker debate for another time. Performing extras in the VIP room may or may not be a personal choice. For independent girls it is a choice and a line that they're willing to cross and they keep all of the $$$$ they make. However, for girls that are being pimped, more often than not they'll have a nightly quota which can be as high as $1000/shift and they keep only a portion of that if anything at all. Failure to make quota usually has punitive consequences such as assault, food & sleep deprivation among other things. It's difficult to address this with a dancer and you need to be very careful bringing the subject up with the club owners, staff or worse yet with the boyfriend/pimp; both for your own safety as well as the dancer that you suspect might be being trafficked. I can't over emphasize this enough. This may sound far fetched and rare but I can assure you that it is neither! Several of my closest friends are current or former dancers or sex workers in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario so the information that I've characterized here comes directly from them sharing their personal experiences with me.
  2. The City of Belleville has purchased the land where the Cabaret is located. They will be tearing the structure down until they determine what development will take place in that area of the waterfront. The original property owners have retained their strip club license and may open another club on Bell Blvd in the future. https://inquinte.ca/story/city-buys-will-demolish-cabaret
  3. I friend of mine worked in Kingston under that name during the summer of 2017. Can you roughly describe her? If its the same girl I can provide an update.
  4. They've made a considerable investment in renovations and upgrading the aesthetics of the place. Anyone that frequented Tease or its predecessor will be suitably impressed with the decor, the new VIP rooms, and the new bathrooms. They did not simply put lipstick on a pig. Regardless of the renovations, the dancers and staff play a large role in creating an atmosphere that attracts customers. I don't want to make any judgments on my first visit on the night of their soft opening but IMHO attracting and keeping beautiful, engaging and talented dancers will be their biggest challenge. As you mentioned, the dynamics of running a SC in that location are dramatically different than if it was closer to the urban centers like NuDen, Playmate or Barbarella's. The demographics of the customers and the dancers will need an upgrade if this place is to be successful at this location. Hopefully, the success formula for this new SC is not based on the mutually exclusive chicken vs egg theory. Which comes first; the quality dancers or the quality clientele?
  5. I got there when it first opened. There were three girls working at the time. I took one for a trip to the VIP booth. It was ok but I nothing spectacular. One of the conversations that I had with the staff is that none of the former Tease dangers will be there in the foreseeable future as the try to find their own new identity for this club. To be fair, it was the first few hours after opening so the management and staff were still ironing out a few things which is to be expected. The stage show rotation being one of the things they'll have to work on. Last night they rotated girls for none song each for a three song rotation which seemed weird. Their hours are going to be from 11:00am to 2:00 am so they're gonna need to add to the talent pool moving forward.
  6. If first impressions are an indicator, the newest SC in Ottawa has a bright future. Last night they had a soft opening at 6 pm and the place looks amazing compared to what it used to look like. I was skeptical of what to expect considering the owner of the property's reputation however the renovations are not an attempt to put lipstick on a pig. The VIP section is relocated to over where the pool table used to be with small private booths. There's no pool table now. The wall where the VIP section was now is a long sofa. The elevated section to the left as you enter the bar is now more private glassed-in section with its own stripper pole. The bar area remains pretty much the same but has been upgraded with marble countertops. The lighting and furniture have been modernized with a clean white theme. Hell....even the heating ducts have been replaced with fancily shaped ducts equipped with pod lighting and swirl brush finishing. It's hard to determine at this point what this bar is going to be like six weeks or a year from now but so far they've got a good start. If they can attract the right staff and clientele, this is a great addition to Ottawa. I'm looking forward to some return visits in the near future.
  7. The roadside and building sign has been changed to Casino Cabaret advertising that it's opening soon. Does anybody have any details on this new club or its management?
  8. The police are working with local hotels to educate security, front desk and other staff on how to identify escort and potential human trafficking activities and report it to law enforcement. I mentioned this earlier; regardless of what the law states, politicians, law enforcement and the general population see no distinction between independent escorts vs prostitution and human trafficking activities.
  9. I can tell you that after having a close friend rescued from human trafficking in Kingston this past year that the Quinte West OPP, Belleville, Kingston and Brockville police departments are taking human trafficking very seriously and are doing exactly as I stated in my earlier post.
  10. I agree 100% with your statement in principle. Unfortunately in practice there is a fast growing dark criminal element of our society that is jeopardizing the safety, credibility and image of legitimate independent escorts and hobbyists. I don't know statistics however I can tell you that human trafficking is real and it's happening with greater frequency in small towns in Eastern Ontario as well as the larger urban centers. I know the difference between an independent SP making her own choices and someone being pimped out. That's largely due to being a member of Lyla.com. Not everyone is aware of the often subtle nuances required to distinguish between the two. Some human traffickers are becoming pretty slick at masquerading as an independent SP. The general population, legislators and law enforcement make no distinction between the two. Escorts, independent or otherwise are marginalized into the same category and so are the men that visit them.
  11. The police along the 401 corridor are targeting local motels recording license plate numbers to build a database of frequent temporary short term visitors as part of their efforts to bust human trafficking operations.
  12. With he utmost reverence and profound sadness I extend my heartfelt condolences to Gord and the Tease family and friends. I just found out that Allanah suddenly passed away over the holidays and that Tease has closed permanently. Allanah was a gentle sweet soul that was taken far too young. She was also a member here on Lyla.com. You touched my heart and I'll never forget how welcome you made me feel every time I'd come by for a visit. RIP my dear friend.
  13. Welcome Sharkypoolca. You've found a tremendous resource to answer all of your questions and more. You're not alone. Spend time to going through the various threads and posts. You'll find everything you need to know here in a safe, non judgemental environment. When you're ready to take that step to visit a Service Provider, reach out to some of the wonderful ladies here on Lyla.com. I guarantee that you will find just the right lady to suit your needs at whatever pace you want to explore. Enjoy!!!
  14. Some of the girls may be able to go up to the Go-Go however the management there has always fired or not hired girls that worked at the Cabaret for various reasons. I know some of the girls are going Kingston, Whitby and Pickering already. The Go-Go seems to be struggling to keep staff as of late with new servers every time you go there which is ironic since they're the only SC in town now. I'm still holding out hope that the Cabaret will re-emerge in another location in the coming months. The Cabaret was more than a SC, it was home away from home to many for a long time. Staff, dancers and patrons came and went but no matter how long since your last visit, when you walked in the door, it always had the same melancholy look and feel as your favorite old worn out jacket that you're too embarrassed to be seen in but it still feels too comfortable to throw away.
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