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  1. chocolove

    Megan Lyle

    Found her review. I didn't realize I have been looking at the wrong forum here
  2. chocolove

    Megan Lyle

    She seems someone who are well reviewed yet I don’t see any.. anyone seen here?
  3. chocolove

    Very Hard Communication

    Yeah probably the provider couldn't reply me because there is to many Hi and maybe she prefer by email. I feel a bit hurt now that she always missed mine. But if Hi (name) is not good enough then what do you say then? I don't think asking rate and service or location directly is appropriate if it's not on the adds. And don't worry I don't use texting apps, I don't really see any reason for hiding my number. I should have rephrase correctly of what I meant by "Let me know when you are available". I was actually trying to say text me back when you are available to do so or like feel free to text me back just like WhereIRoam said because I understand that the provider could be in her bookings or busy with personal life activity. I guess that's the miss understand and where my mistake is. Recently, I found somebody has used my phone number for shady or scaming adds websites. I was glad that the provider replied me and showed me this. This could be the reasons I don't get many replies.
  4. chocolove

    Very Hard Communication

    The thing is I always start with a "Hi (name)" or "Hello (name)", not sure if this is against a protocol but I think it's the only way I can make sure I didn't text the wrong number. I know about the repetition of contacting her could lead to an end of communication but the frustration started with the numerous of His and Hellos with no answers. I even left a message such as "let me know when you are available"
  5. I have some provider I contacted but for some reason the very same provider has never or rarely replied. But her ads always pop up a few hours before, on the same day, or previous day.For example, I text "Hi (name)" then no answer and this happens without knowing each other's background so I guess this means I didn't get screened out. And when she replied(which is hours / days later) I replied as fast as I can and sometimes 5 min later(on different times/day) then lost contact. So.. I don't want to sound or seem pressuring when replying and also I feel like I may seems like a bot texting her again and again with many His and Hellos. I know I could just find another provider but I need to know why. is it because the way I text or is it because I didn't follow a proper way in contacting a provider? basically I want to figure out the problem is it from me or them. This also cause hard making an appointment with another provider as well since the hope of meeting this provider has been expected for a long time.
  6. chocolove

    Amy vixen BP

    anyone seen her? http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/sweet-vixen-amy-blonde-105lbs-613-604-3840-incalls/88587787
  7. I never talk to people about my lifestyle as an hobbyist (or similar) but I have a friends who always thought me as the most nicest guys who never dated a woman and I kinda feel bad since she tried to introduced me to all the nicest girl that she knows. So I wanted to stopped her from doing that by telling her my lifestyle, will this ruined my friendships with her? she just a friends that I just met a few months ago. she is matured and openminded. we have been talking a lot of things together like our problem, but mostly about her boyfriends. and since she is the most nicest people to talk too so I kinda don't want to ruined our friendships.
  8. chocolove

    Mia bp

    anyone seen her? http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/european-beauty-514-600-9168-no-rush-realpiic/84696573
  9. chocolove

    Jessy asian BP

    don't tell me photos are fake, or bait and switch. just want to know you have seen her or not http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/shower-nuru-sexy-body-stunning-asian-girl/90957147
  10. chocolove

    Taste of Asia

    Anyone seen this lady? just curious is she chinese or indian? http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/taste-of-asia-in-calls-24-7/85297528
  11. can you send me the add on PM?
  12. chocolove

    Has anyone seen this lady?

    I have seen her post quite a few times so I guess she did post since Oct. But I never contact her.
  13. chocolove

    Rosalie BP

    Any info on her? PM me http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/non-name-the-juicy-body-%E2%80%8D-rosalie/71949603
  14. chocolove

    Asian Kiki on BP

    I'm curious about her too, need her info
  15. chocolove


    oh I didn't read it, sorry about that. I saw the previous post about best kisser so I thought its alright to ask other services.