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  1. Dying for some action. Place is DEAD for providers... Any girls interested in a top man? PM for details.
  2. They say with this lifestyle, YMMV. Mine varied to the very, positive right. Holy hell. This woman puts an exclamation point on service. She was a little late, but told me she would make up for it. Boy, did she ever. MSOG: check. Enthusiastic: check. Attentive: check. Newfoundland has made its mark with me through Savannah. If I ever come back, you can rest assured I will be banging on her door as hard as I can...maybe dragging her sexy friends out with us to party a little wilder. I'll be howling at the moon like a goddamned wolf. Advice: see Savannah.
  3. Visiting St. John's on business. Looking for that elite type provider. I am partial to Caucasian (redheads especially) but really just enjoy the company of top notch providers. Any recs?
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