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  1. Right, all the posts on “his” account are on myfrenchlady posts. That being said I’ve never heard of MFL to disappoint.
  2. Welcome to Thunder Bay this is just normal behaviour here it seems. i doubt this will serve as a learning tool lol
  3. Hi Bonnie, thank you for your insight. I suggest in the future reading the topic before jumping to conclusions. This individual is posting ads in multiple cities at the same time, with images they have stole off an instagram account that is not their own. This is not just simply a "deposit = scam" post. Happy Canada Day
  4. I think Sean is confusing the name Alexia and Alexii (the ad this topic is about) as the names are very similar
  5. Thank you for the warning but I think you are confusing a recommendation for Alexia (last digits of her phone are 4506) who is a real person and this ad which has been using the same images for atleast a year and posts in 10 cities at once. Always reverse image search all the images in an ad to see if they come back with multiple ads in different cities on the same day. There are other instances of ads using different pictures and names but the same number, just do your homework before booking an appointment.
  6. Does anyone have any info on this lady before I try to contact? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_new_petite_wet_and_wild_fr33ky_blonde_babe_in_town-5091630
  7. So I decided to TOFTT and see Sandy with Kylie. Since this is about Sandy I will try to only speak about her. She is the lady in pictures you see, she has the same tattoos. Very beautiful in person with an incredible accent (I am partial to the french accent; I find it irresistible). If you are into a large chested tattooed beauty with a curves you will not be disappointed. One note: Sandy and Kylie both list stats of 120lb but Kylie is the thinner of the two (the height difference may be the reason for the difference, or Kylie may be much smaller than she says). Regardless I do not think you will have anything to complain about when / if you get the chance to see Sandy in person. Hope this helps xxxnightstick
  8. I am not referring to the girl in the bath. If you read Sandy’s ad she says she offers interactive duos with Kylie. kylies ad: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_partygirl-5031572 Kylie’s ad says threesome with sandy as well. Kylie is the girl in the photos 100%. If I do get a chance to TOFTT on the Duo I will reply if sandy is the same girl in the photos or not.
  9. If it is the girl in the ad you posted, she says duos with Kylie. I can confirm that Kylie’s pictures are 100% accurate and I think looks better in person. I would think that sandy is also the same girl as the pics but if I TOFTT and try the duo I will let everyone know about sandy.
  10. Not to name names but if you are able to send me a PM so I can avoid wasting my time with these consultants I would appreciate it.
  11. Yes we are talking about a different AMY. Going forward I should probably used the last 4 digits of the advertisers number as an indicator so as not to confuse people. From all I have heard you are a very well reviewed provider that comes highly recommended.
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