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  1. Just want to advise everyone to avoid this girl. She is currently in bells corners using a 613 number. I had to go out to my car to grab something and when I got back she wasn't at the room. She said she would be back soon so I waited at my car and told her to text me when she is back and never heard from her. Link to her ad is below. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_kanata_incall_bethany_white_russian_doll-5064936
  2. nytro1050

    Eva on backpage

    Eva-busty-tattooed-chick-come-play-with-me/70868533 Does any have any info on this beauty. Looks to good to be true. She says she works out of Ottawa but I haven't seen any info on her anywhere
  3. After seeing her ads for a few days I finally contacted Stacii. My only regret is I didn't contact her sooner. I love big naturals and tattoos so she has a combination I couldn't resist. Without getting into detail I had a great hour with her. We spent half the session just talking and laughing. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. The kind of girl you could spend all night with. If your into tattooed girls with a quirky personality she is perfect!! Contact me if you want anymore info.
  4. nytro1050

    Ebony SP??

    Can anyone recommend any ebony girls in Ottawa. Seems like a lot of good looking girls on bp. Wondering if anyone can vouche for any of them. Thanks in advance
  5. I m wondering what is out there for sp's in the west end. From what I have found there isn't any steady girls in the westend. I would appreciate any info on West end girls. Thanks
  6. nytro1050

    Brunette on BP ***8350

    Also interested i just saw her ad and she looks great. Going to contact her and see if she has any reviews
  7. nytro1050

    Lili from BP

    http://ottawa.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/moodie-driveamazing-lili-613-317-6992/38760699 Has anyone had a chance to see her? Her pictures look to good to be true. I've been burned a few times before and sick of being disappointed. If no info any reco's for a naturally busty sp??
  8. I m wondering of anyone can recommend a natural busty sp. Not looking for a bbw but doesn't need to be small as long as she is hwp. To many girls lie about there bust size so I hoping to find a hands on recommendation. Thanks in advance
  9. nytro1050

    West end SP's ?

    I am looking for any recommendations for SP's or massage in the Kanata/Stittsville area. thanks
  10. nytro1050

    Olivia from BP

    I m new here and was wondering if anyone has seen Olivia from BP. She has been on there a lot lately. She is a petite brunette with 32 dd. Her pictures look to good to be true so I was wonderng if anyone can verify them. thanks in advance