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  1. How do you view the service you provide (a job, fun you can make money from, a business, etc.)? I ask because I have only seen a few escorts, and each experience has been so wildly different I still don't how I view it (though it has been fun trying to figure it out. lol.).
  2. vacation plans changed, will be in Vaughan August 7-10th.
  3. I am seeking advice about how to go about booking an appointment for someone in my situation. First, about my situation: I am male, 29, still holding my V card, and have a sort of mental block when it comes to approaching women due to a number of negative experiences, along with my lack of experience (it has been over 5 years so far since I have even attempted to get a date). I am hoping that some positive experiences with women will help break me out of this, but I still can't bring myself to approach women in a normal fashion. I have contacted a handful of women in the business who offered email as an acceptable communication medium. Some I asked for advice, others to try and book an appointment. I fear I may not have been very elegant, as I have not received a single reply in 2 weeks (I did tell them my age and experience, as I thought that would make us both more comfortable if I booked an appointment with them so there weren't any... surprises if we did anything). I am at a loss as to where to go from here. Advice would be very much appreciated. On the off-chance a woman I can book an appointment with reads this, I will be arriving in Vaughan, Ontario August 7th and leaving on the 10th.
  4. Location: Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, or Newmarket. Looking for: female escort that can take initiative. date: 1st or 2nd of August About me: male, virgin, shy, kinda awkward. PM me if you are interested please.
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