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  1. Just message her directly on here, she will reply. She's really nice, so she'd probably just link you her ad on leolist if she has one up.
  2. Can confirm this girl is the real deal. I was a little apprehensive about the meet, but as soon as I met and spoke with her, I instantly felt at ease. She was pleasant to talk to, eager to please, and attentive to all my requests and desires. And I felt zero rush whatsoever. I never expected such a genuine GFE experience. Definitely recommend her!
  3. Saw her today. It was a bait and switch. She was also Chinese and not Korean as her ad suggested. She also lists being okay with DFK, but there was none of that. She had a very great set of breasts, and was nice, but I was evidently disappointed. I am just letting you guys know so you can make a informed decision.
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice. I became desperate enough to go out and get a prepaid phone just to test the waters and see how I feel. So far, not bad. And yeah, it's not about the size of the device haha. I even saw my first (well, second ever) SP. Unfortunately, it was a bait and switch situation, and didn't enjoy it much. I'll...try again I guess.
  5. Looks like one of the VIPOTG girls. If she is, she's legit. But she may not look exactly like her pictures. And she may not do everything she claims she will in her summary. Not that I imagine they write those themselves anyway.
  6. I have a landline, but not a good living situation to be hosting. The hotel thing is a decent suggestion, as is the burner phone. I'll give those some thought. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Hi guys. I'm really eager to see an SP. I have money to burn. My only problem is that I have some unique social anxiety problems that make me uncomfortable carrying a phone. That already limits me a lot. So, when I do contact an SP that books through email, they uh completely ghost me when they find out I don't have phone. I don't know if it's because they think it's weird or that I might be a cop. Is there....anything that I could do to tip odds in my favor of not scaring off all escorts? And Is it unheard of to see an escort without texting them in front of their building/hotel/whatever?
  8. Her images get a lot of hits on tineye, so it seems sketchy. That being said, I'd also like to know.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their replies, especially Amanda-Lee and Ice4fun for their helpful information/advice. I am slightly more at ease about this now. My concerned lied mostly with with GentMada was addressing. Things such as information about location being withheld until you were about to meet, and things you'd actually need a phone on you for. I guess it makes sense that it's going to depend on the person. @roamingguy cost isn't much of the issue here. I don't own one by choice. The reason why isn't really important here. Not owning one however, does make life a bit difficult.
  10. don't have a cellphone? Sorry, I wasn't sure where to ask this. I am kind of new to this and just trying so settle some of my insecurities. I understand that a lot of escorts will only accept communication through text, those women aren't even in question. But for those who accept phone calls, If I were to call and say that I don't own a cellphone, would that be problematic to them for arranging a meetup? Am I going to get outright refusal?
  11. ..sorry, ignore what I said in the last post. It seems as though they share phone numbers or use the same number between certain girls or something, that's why my search was turning up so much nonsense. I was mistaken about the rest.
  12. Ok thank you. What I meant was, I did a google search on her phone number and found profiles in different places where she uses the same pictures, but different names and even ages. I suspect this is for a certain reason, but I am just generally a paranoid person.
  13. sorry im kind of new here, but i take it the VIPOTG girls are legit? I've never been with an escort but I am eyeing one that goes by the name of Sharon, currently. She seems to use other names as well.
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