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  1. Anyone experienced? She has nice pics on LL https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/central-ontario/belleville_new_pics_play_with_me_new_in_belleville-3784028
  2. Consistently posts ads - anyone seen? thx
  3. Thanks. I had down to holiday inn, Hampton, microtel (suites look decent), or super 8 which is now out. Cheers
  4. Hi, Going to visiting Timmins for a bit and was wondering if anyone had reccos for a nice hotel? I'm coming in from a larger city so am a bit lost without my mainstays there. The holiday inn and super 8 seem to be the ones that look the cleanest although not sure what providers would think of either. The cost doesn't matter although they all seem to be around the same regardless. thanks
  5. You are right - and after thinking about it, meetings in Winnipeg make much more sense for every reason I can think of. I am in and out of there every month so makes much more sense. Thanks for the insight
  6. Thanks Gia Now that I've looked around I can see that it'll likely be best for me to stick to meetings in Winnipeg as the accommodations are quite a bit nicer there. By the way that is a killer profile you have...damm
  7. Hi, I'm new to the area and wondering if Kenora is just too small for providers to visit? I've been going to Winnipeg as needed and figure that's probably the way to do, but just thought I'd ask Cheers
  8. Gents, First I'll contribute: I've seen Mylaa and would repeat. Friendly, easy going, and as advertised. Aims to please. I'm interested in seeing some girls I've seen on LL: Sarah (her ad title is tantalizing), Skylar, Candice. Can anyone share any knowledge on these women? If anyone has other reccos let me know. thanks
  9. Thanks - that's unfortunate. I prefer outcalls but just wasn't positive enough about this one
  10. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/hi-im-ashley-catch-me-before-im-gone-here-until-friday-tattoos-duos-available/104261277 Same poster as "Milan" a few threads down. Anyone checked out either? Always a little skeptical when I see the same poster for two girls.
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