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  1. Was wondering, Any info on Kodi and Chloe Ray from Leolist? Also, is Cj still around? Thanks.
  2. I'm coming up this weekend....who do I choose...info. please...thanks.
  3. There were only 3 I saw on BP that caught my eye...texted each one, no response, said the hell with it and went with a reliable sp who's always been good to me.
  4. Thanks...that was one I was sorta on the fence about...the info. is greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok, here's the plan...i'm sorta intrigued by a few of the ads recently on Bp. So, this weekend, after some research, I will arrange a visit with one of the SPs. I won't say who until after, that way it builds the suspense, haha. Wish me luck.
  6. Short and to the point...does anyone know if she's still around? Thanks.
  7. I'm coming to T.Bay in a couple of weeks and was just curious...for Cj's and Sweet and Sexy(Chrystal's) Bp ads it says "call anytime"-are they both pretty easy to reach? Also, are they worth it? Next question... Chloe Luv...her ad only shows up once in a while on Bp...has anyone or can you call her any time? Hoping for some answers. Thanks.
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