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  1. Anyone have any experience with the above from leolist? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/city_toronto_427_evans_real_life_barbie_well_reviewed_j_r-5307320 If not I will be in the area in a month or so and am looking for a recommendation for a SP with goods in the rear 🙂 Thanks in advance
  2. just posting so i remember to look her up ;) SHe looks fantastic!
  3. Was this the Mya you guys were discussing? http://kingston.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/sweet-face-slim-waist-mya-available-now-petite-exotic-spinner-647-205-5822/62248748 I'll be in Kingston so i'll definitely be leaving a text :)
  4. Id also like to know why Rumor wouldn't be recommended? Got Ahold of Selena, I'm 5 years to young :( Kelsey may not be in town. And still no reply from Anna :( Where would I find this Michelle VIP :)
  5. Thanks for the info guys, looking at establishing an initial contact for next week :). What is the best way to introduce oneself via email/text? I attempted an email to an SP last week(well reviewed on here). But have heard nothing..It probably didn't help that I said I was "new". Lastly, how do I make it easier on myself being new, what should I expect to prove I'm legitimate (it seems like references are usually required...but I have none!!!!) Either way I will be in Kingston next week and will report back Sorry for my Noobishness :)
  6. Sorry, a little bit new to this forum. I was wondering is it was against the rules to PM SP's to confirm availability dates. I couldn't seem to find anything on it. Sorry for the silly question :)
  7. Well I am looking for my fist encounter with an SP Next week. I have been lurking a bit doing my research. I am not very picky but prefer Busty (bigger the better, especially areola ;) ) or a nice Spinner. I also love tattoos Anyway I emailed Anna Sweets and got no reply :(. Either way I have 3 that I want to contact (Kelsey Star, Selene Deville, or Rumor) but was looking to see if there are any re commendations (especially on the busty side :) ) Thanks in advance!
  8. I didn't end up committing, was to busy on the weekend. However thanks for the recommendations. Now I was wondering on etiquette surrounding the giving of the donation.....again to a complete noob. WHat is the proper thing to do...Im probably over thinking this...but hey give me a break ;)
  9. Well ive been lurking for a bit but think im going to be committing to an encounter this weekend. Will have to sneak away from some friends but I'll make it work. Any recommendations/tips for a first timer? What about providers in the Montreal area? Any good super busty (bigger the better!)? Or very petite provider recommendations? I apologize if this is in the incorrect area. Thx in advance
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