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  1. Iwantlessstress

    New to PEI recommendations?

    Getting home today after a long time away. Who should I see. ? Where do I go? Thanks for the info in advance
  2. Iwantlessstress


    Traveling to Halifax today. Anyone recommend a so in the area please contact me pm.
  3. Iwantlessstress


    I want some of this. If anyone has any info on what she likes let me know. Regardless I want it. Time to go in.
  4. Iwantlessstress


    Call her she's beautiful. Take one for the team. Report back. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Iwantlessstress

    Karen the redhead

    She is a lot of fun. Too bad though she was the best
  6. Iwantlessstress

    Oshawa June 14

    Any one in or around Oshawa tonight I am open to some new ideas. Lol pm me with details
  7. Iwantlessstress

    Is she real?

    She's sexy as hell! Anymore info pm me
  8. Iwantlessstress

    Karen the redhead

    Saw her years ago in Halifax. Anyone hear if she's making a comeback? If so where?
  9. Iwantlessstress


    Saw Kylee in Charlottetown last weekend. What an amazing night. I hope she comes to New Brunswick soon
  10. Iwantlessstress

    Oral queen

    She sounds like my kind of woman. Any idea when she's available
  11. Iwantlessstress

    Jenna...100% REAL

    Give her a shot man and comment afterwards. These girls need word of mouth advertising like any other businesse. We can use the info to.
  12. Iwantlessstress

    Dixie and 401

    So still no info on girls in this area. I will be here till 8 pm June 4
  13. Iwantlessstress

    Super busty Asian girl.

    Unfortunately at the moment there are many fake ads up. At the moment there is nothing that can be done about it except post about it. There's no law against it and no law against us posting to let people know what is happening. All the board asks is we be polite about it. Please post the good as well as the bad. Who knows when you can find a jewel. Good luck and good posting.
  14. Iwantlessstress

    Security question.

    The laws have changed in a large way. If you read the bill you would find that you are not doing anything illegal if you stick to bp girls and stay away from street girls. Keep it behind closed doors.
  15. Iwantlessstress


    Take one for the team and let us know. Her pics look great. I would love to see her.