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  1. Double Vee

    Maria Vega • Latino

    Latina Lover I pm'd Maria V on a whim and she was available! I had never been with a Latin girl and this was a chance I would going to take. Good Choice! Met her at a nice DT condo. She is a beautiful and striking woman. She greeted me in a form fitting outfit and took me up. She has exotic features and big eyes which she uses effectively. She is fixed on me. We enjoyed a little Prosecco and talked a bit. The conversation was easy - I just had to be me. She is easy going and classy. She knows how to entertain. She smelled great. Just being close was a stimulating experience. Anticipating how this was going to go was driving me nuts. Part of the fun is the expectation, anticipation and being teased a bit. It was a hot day and I had a shower before the main act. Toweling off, I am sweating again....I am excited. I come out in a towel and she is there is a skimpy outfit. Some closeness, taking in her scent, light caressing, kissing we move to the bedroom. Finally, both of us unclad we get to feel our bodies together - skin on bare skin. Her skin has a beautiful skin shade and a soft, soft texture - almost cooling to the skin, but hot. More kissing caressing. She takes me into her mouth and I watch in the mirror. Perhaps I am vain, but watching this in the mirror, we look pretty good. I finally take her the way I need. Each stroke causing moans and tremors. I move slow and enjoy every thrust, and retreat. It is incredible. We continue the pleasure journey. I can't wait, the cadence increases and I push in deeper and harder. Her sounds invite me to proceed. I start to satiate myself and my orgasm is prolonged. Finally release I collapse. My legs are weak. My body is relaxed. I am tired but wide awake. We lay naked together, I catch my breath and try to get back to reality. We chat for a bit and learn some stuff about each other. We say our farewells and share some parting glances. A wonderful experience. My first Latin experience...is excellent! Thank you Maria Vega! VV
  2. Double Vee

    Maxime Dupuis • White

    Maximum Maxime! I finally had the pleasure of spending time with this French Fantasy. She is a gift...and when unwrapped - you will be very happy. She met my request for a little fetish play. I was incredibly nervous - her pictures are a amazing and I knew this is a true lady, class and HOT! I was very hot from nerves getting there - getting the sweat beads. We finally met. She is in high heels, nice tight jeans and top - stylish but laid back. Stunning. My life is very good right now. . She is beautiful French Treat. Lovely lips, face and body. Mmmm. She looks good. Man, she looks good! We shared some wine and she sat me down. It was really nice - felt like a date. She gives a lot of eye contact and is keen to know what I wanted. She was really interested. And curious! I loved that, she was making this about me. There was more talk which was getting me more and more relaxed. Heart rate coming down and I am feeling that I made a good decision. We move to the bedroom and the clothes get to come off. Yes! She has a tight, toned, HOT body. Better than the pictures. Out of my league. She takes care of herself. No tats - just soft, gorgeous skin. You get to see all of her and it is FANTASTIC. Sweet ass. My god it is fantastic. And she can move her body. She was hot with the fetish and moves so well when we are together. On top and from behind. There was good motion. And the sexy French accent and the sounds of her during all it all....adds to the arousal. She is an athlete. I got to touch her body more, and she gave me a massage that was pleasing to the senses...I just closed my eyes... What she did with her hands to my 'manhood' was nothing short of incredible. I was vibrating....I have never, ever been stroked like that. Unreal! It was electric...waves of pleasure currents. New Experience - CHECK!!! WOW!!!! She works hard to please - like a mission. Accomplished! Assertive, communicative (really, communicate - explain what you want and it happens!), beautiful, attentive, sweet and kind....spectacular. Have this experience! A very good and rich time was had. And the memories will be with me for a long time. With much respect and sincerity - gratitude. Merçi Maxime!
  3. Double Vee

    BodSquad Calgary?

    Anyone use them? http://www.bodsquadescorts.com/ Please PM me with feedback! Thanks!!! VV
  4. Double Vee


  5. Double Vee

    Why isn't Lyla more popular?

    The Alberta corner of Lyla...quiet.... But I trust Lyla - some good peeps....
  6. Double Vee

    Balloon Fetish

    Howdy, I have always hesitated to post here about there. One would figure this would be a pretty open group of people....but I am always a paranoid. Any have balloon fetish? Anyone try with an SP? Any SPs have it sprung on them? I have had a few experiences....all good! WOW!!!! Care to share? Please do! VV
  7. Double Vee

    Muscular Ladies

    My God she's fantastic!!! Additional Comments: Wow - I love muscle on a woman....guess it's a niche thing?
  8. Double Vee

    Muscular Ladies

    Has anyone found any muscular SPs? Ranging from fitness model type to bodybuilder? I find some chiseled women incredible! Like walking art! But would like to have more! Washboard abs, muscle butt, veins, sculpted shoulders, muscle butt? Anyone have tales to share? Thanks, VV
  9. Double Vee

    Anyone our there?

    Hmmmm Calgary is pretty quiet... PM me with reviews or opinions please!
  10. Double Vee

    Sinful Sara

    On Leolist.cc Easy going and easy to be with. She's got ink. She's not shy. She easily indulged my fetish. Cool to hang out with...Fun gal!!!
  11. Double Vee

    Emily Kinney?

    Hello, Reviews? - please PM me! Thanks, VV
  12. Double Vee

    has anyone used Calgary Escorts?

    CME? PM me with you experiences...please!
  13. Double Vee

    Miss Jessyka

    Calgary had incredible weather today - very hot. To add to the heat - Miss Jessyka - very hot. She has beautiful long hair, soft skin, sweet feet, petite, beautiful curves and that derriere..oh la la!!!! She is was easy to get a hold of and is at a convenient location. She put me at ease and provided me a good time. Beautiful to touch and the softest lips. Very sweet and courageous to indulge me in my fetish. (#grateful) This guy was wholly satisfied. Legs were wobbly afterwards. A good sign. Thank you very much Miss Jessyka
  14. Double Vee

    leolist - anyone use it in Calgary?

    Hello, Anyone used LeoList in Calgary? Recently...2018? Thoughts? Feedback? PM please! Thanks, Dbl V
  15. Double Vee

    Why I want to be here....

    Some thoughts (not too well organized) While I do enjoy my time alone, I do seek the company of my friends, and on occasion need more. And then want to retreat to be alone again. Not unfriendly or fearful, but enjoying time spent on me, by me. Dating has become such a juggling act of timing, money, and trying to trust people. Everyone has different views and stages of empathy. Yes, there is a certain excitement in dating. Sometimes, it is just too much work and a connection is not going to happen. Online is just crazy....entertaining...occasionally. This area I get to meet people who are like minded (with some variation of course). The ladies have particular skills - being able to interact, engage and entertain an introvert like myself. When conversation just flows...I think that is the real treat. It is a skill and I enjoy when it is used on me. Unintentionally, I learn a few things about the human experience. It is really awesome to be in the presence of those with this skill. It comes so easily from them...how? Within the allotted time, I am transported to an experience with someone who provides all of this, in a safe and accepting space. There is little pressure and a lot of honesty. It's like the hostess is a friendly stranger, who expects you and taps into you. I feel I am giving something, and getting something back. It's like expectations are met. It feels 'equal'. (feel free to share with me if this makes little sense, please) And then it is over, but I keep the memories. All the good stuff. And am free to leave it all behind. Not the drama, deception and indecisiveness of the dating world.... I do not enjoy the prejudice and preconception that comes in this realm. Society judges on some strange things, but we are changing, right? Not sure if I made a point, had a point, came to point, pointed a finger...however, please comment, I would love to hear what others have to say!