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  1. supahflye

    Shannon Leolist PEI

    In my few years experience, 80% of the "SP's" asking for a deposit are a scam. I do not entertain a deposit what-so-ever, just another way to track the transaction. I know of a few guys that they have tried to blackmail from the deposit information. It's a 100% no go for me.
  2. I had the utmost pleasure of visiting Rose yesterday for 45min. Best service provider experience I have had to date. Pictures are accurate, I would say she actually looks even better in person. Wonderful Personality. Absolutley gorgeous. She thoroughly liked what she was doing, and if she was faking it, I couldn't tell. Couldn't ask for anything better. You're missing out big time if you don't see her while shes here.
  3. supahflye

    Asian Massage Services - PEI

    Anyone got any capital? Lets join forces and open our own!
  4. supahflye

    Has anyone seen Leah?

    Short answer is no, haven't seen her. But why are there so many fakes? What's the end game for who ever is faking these accounts? Some of them are very elaborate, relplying steadily until you arrive on location then going silent. Not all al them are looking for deposits either. Are they gathering info for blackmail or something? I don't get it.
  5. supahflye

    Asian Massage Services - PEI

    Yeah, but It's not the same as an actual massage parlour. I've had both, and I definitely like the actually massage parlor better for the traditional R&T
  6. supahflye

    Asian Massage Services - PEI

    I would love to hear that story Ringo! There has to be somewhere that does a happy ending massage near Charlottetown.
  7. supahflye

    Asian Massage Services - PEI

    It is my understanding that the Asian massage place across from DQ is of the happy ending type. Can anyone confirm?
  8. supahflye


    She's is indeed real.