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  1. bigmack40

    Sydney SPs

    Any info on Gabriella and Asian Anne in Sydney Cape Breton
  2. bigmack40

    Looking for a reputable SP in New Glasgow

    The only one I believe is good and safe is Chloe and her sister..often on Leolist ads for both Truro and New Glasgow
  3. bigmack40


    So many newbies don't know what's what maybe now that LL is charging there will be less ads of deception..
  4. bigmack40


    Yes she is on LL occasionally very voluptuous and friendly. Aims to please..
  5. bigmack40


    What's the name now can you add a link Thanks
  6. bigmack40

    Short SP

    Amarra is pretty short...and great..
  7. bigmack40


    Any info on her now still around ??
  8. bigmack40


    She's very friendly nice apartment Clayton Park quick response and great person..
  9. bigmack40

    any feed back on Jordyn????

    I second that very down to earth and eager..
  10. I hope she comes I would definitely put her soon my to do list..Love to see new talent in Halifax
  11. bigmack40

    High heels

    Love them super sexy..
  12. bigmack40

    Only one hazel🍑💋

    Hello I posted a while back about her and got no.info..
  13. bigmack40

    Carrie Smith on Kijiji

    Perfect does she do health plans..direct billing..
  14. Is there any professionals that also take Health plans ie Blue cross or manulife..
  15. bigmack40

    Seeking recommendation

    On leollst practically daily..