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  1. Any info? not sure if discussed before on LL now
  2. Any contact info from the leolist ad of Beautiful red haired Carmen 5487
  3. Any info on this lady on Leolist today?
  4. Yes there is Emily and partner Tailia Ashley Red Dress pic also Ivona has it on her ad..hope that helps..
  5. I'm surprised there is not much feedback on Maria as others..you know who they are!!
  6. I second Harboursmoke I always can be confident in Greenteal..obviously a very intelligent articulate individual..
  7. Any info on this listing Alice 20
  8. Words can't say enough great things about this lady..treat her well she's a Gem..
  9. Does anyone ever think about outcalls information exchange..the client only of course..ie etransfers hotel room information..etc
  10. Excellent massage very nice communication top notch.go see her folks
  11. Why we should appreciate our Halifax ladies and YFL..
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