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  1. I echo what Rambler says. Any info on new ad today Lexa. Very nice pics. Hope she is real..any info appreciated
  2. bigmack40

    Body to Body Massage

    I believe Katherine of Halifax does and she a member here..
  3. Any additional info as well. The place. Good. Bad. Age of masseuse..
  4. bigmack40

    younger sp

    Addictive Barbie
  5. bigmack40

    Amanda Schmanda

    Hello any info on if Keissys visiting Nova Scotia. Now that's a Wow..
  6. I love East Indian woman please advise if any East Indian SPs in Halifax and reccos
  7. bigmack40


    A lot of woman on here are not really here no idea all the fakes. Look today Lexa looks fake. Kristina French. Same pics last few weeks Marie. Fake. First time in town ad. And seen pics before..Any advise on how to spot them???
  8. bigmack40


    Ok yes I would think quite a difference..On cellist today there's a Kristina French ad. But she was Marie last few weeks on here another scam. And Look at other ad Lexa. Must be fake too. Any info helpful
  9. bigmack40

    Paige on Leo list

    No never heard anything. However pics are unreal any info appreciated as well
  10. bigmack40

    Arista Cole

    I think its real remember though. Says party friendly. If you into that scene baware
  11. There is a native woman at least she says that as her name too on cellist everyday. Advertises pics with face pics. Dartmouth in call specials. Seems a little sketchy to me. Maybe someone has info or has seen her. Please advice. Pics are nice. Says she's 5ft and 25yrs old
  12. bigmack40

    Texting advice needed.

    If you stick to girls record on here it will be simple Hi babe busy tonight seen you info on Lula. How about 8.00pm hhr...most people don't want to put time and money and acts in a text. Could be referred to a C36. Stay will addictive Barbie amarra or if you like a bit older Crissy..... Kylie Play safe. The new ones on leolist you don't know what your in for. See the horror stories and that the good. At worst you may make the news...hope this helps my opinion
  13. bigmack40


    Any info or experience says first trip to town
  14. bigmack40

    Vancouver situation

    Catalina Cubana elitist Burnaby uber safe
  15. bigmack40

    Travelling Abroad

    You don't need to take sand to the beach. Save your money go solo toy Dominican. Mexico. Havana and you will be fine. Lots of women looking to hookup. Don't have to buy flights pay for meals buy clothes just pay them for their time at a fraction..just my opinion