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  1. Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Acacia (Ah-kas-ia), I'm 24 years old, short and sweet at 5’4. I have soft curves, big brown eyes and long thick curly black hair. My mixed ethnicity gives me quite the exotic look.... and fiery personality. With a captivating smile, an intellect that loves to be challenged, and the uncanny ability to put you completely at ease, your time with me will never be dull. I thrive on passionate embraces and finding those spots that make your body quiver and your breath catch. I offer showers for two (start and finish), sensual body slides, a tantalizing massage with a teasing conclusion. You can contact me for inquires at [email protected] Please include your name, preferred date and time, as well as a reference from another reputable provider. I sincerely look forward to arranging out first date together, and getting to know you better. 😉 Affectionately, Acacia xoxo
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