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  1. Butterknife22

    Are there locals?

    Sort of not proper to expose girls identity is it not ? I know many may know this girls already but for one provider to do so to another provider ??? Seems desperato
  2. Butterknife22

    Jasmine sky & Aria

    I have seen jazmine sky
  3. This is just even more reason why we all need to post recommendations and share info about girls we see wether it is good or bad. In the last 6 months I have been the only one to post a recommendation about travelling girls, I find it hard to believe I am the only one on here that visits. Everyone likes to stand back ask questions and read comments but how come never share or post anything about encounters ? It’s time to weed out all these cat fishing scam party girls so that we can keep the actual hard working legit girls coming to visit.
  4. Butterknife22

    Jade and Brittany

    Stay away.
  5. Butterknife22

    Mocha - LL - 9929

    I have info too. If need to msg me.
  6. Butterknife22

    Madison Sparks

    I wish Madison would come back !! She was the absolute best. A lot of fun
  7. Butterknife22

    Kimbella - LL

    Has anyone seen ? Any info ?
  8. Butterknife22

    Any info on Kodi?

    I don’t really think the comment by bbqjulie was appropriate either. One SP commenting on another SP seems a bit suspicious and be going against an unwritten rule I guess you could say.
  9. Butterknife22

    Madison Sparks

    Would also love to know if she’s around. She was the absolute best
  10. Butterknife22


    Does anyone know any dominant females who offer pegging humiliation ect ?
  11. Butterknife22

    Any info on Kodi?

    She was living out of town for a while. Not sure if moved back or if just a visit
  12. Butterknife22

    Any info on Kodi?

    pm me if u like
  13. Butterknife22

    Jenna on locanto

    I posted about her already in bait and switch section
  14. Butterknife22

    Any info on Molly?

    Lol you knew they were fake and Toftt anyways ... that deserves a round of applause
  15. Buyer beware. Fake pics and Accompanied by a pimp who will follow you. Stay away is my best advice.