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  1. Butterknife22

    Any info on Kodi?

    She was living out of town for a while. Not sure if moved back or if just a visit
  2. Butterknife22

    Any info on Kodi?

    pm me if u like
  3. Butterknife22

    Jenna on locanto

    I posted about her already in bait and switch section
  4. Butterknife22

    Any info on Molly?

    Lol you knew they were fake and Toftt anyways ... that deserves a round of applause
  5. Buyer beware. Fake pics and Accompanied by a pimp who will follow you. Stay away is my best advice.
  6. Butterknife22

    Lorena - YourFrenchLady

    I met with Lorena twice during her visit and I would definitely recommend her and plan to repeat if she visits again. Great looks and personality and very reasonable rates.
  7. Butterknife22

    Lorena - YourFrenchLady

    I was able to visit with Lorena tonight and overall am happy with the experience !
  8. Butterknife22

    Strapon Mistress

    Does anyone know of any local ones ? I’m looking for one to visit regularly But it seems very difficult to find in this city
  9. Butterknife22

    Catalina 22 middle eastern

    I seen her as well. Great looking good time. Wouldn’t say she is “petite” though as stated prior