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  1. Heading to TO next week and looking for a good recommendation
  2. Even if anyone knows a therapist that will let you get a massage undraped. Please pm me.
  3. I asked the question as I called and got different answers from 2 different individuals. that’s why I’m asking on the forum as this is what it’s used for. Better to ask before disappointment thanks for your opinion on this @Canuckhooker
  4. I’m coming to Ottawa tomorrow for 3 days. That’s why im asking.
  5. It’s in Kanata on March Rd. Just curious about their services.
  6. Boomer. I pm east coast lifer but received no response.
  7. Any one have good results here.
  8. Has anyone tired this spot in Ottawa Sunny foot spa.
  9. Looking for some info of a massage therapist that may offer extended services. pm only with responses. cheers.
  10. Greenteal don’t be rude. You don’t need to answer questions if you don’t want to. People appreciate your advise and everything but tell some one “ There no reasons why you couldn't discover this yourself. Took me under a minute with Google Images. Really not hard to learn and save yourself serious problems” You have experience and some others don’t. the member appreciated you advise. Didn’t ask for sarcasm
  11. Is there anyone providing service in the valley this weekend
  12. Is there anyone providing service in the valley this weekend.
  13. Is there anyone working in the valley this weekend?
  14. Can you please send info. Cheers.
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