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  1. Seen her a while ago. Awesome time.
  2. Good day, I know there is an old post on this lady. Has anyone seen her lately? I know she give a great massage but anyone know or hear of anything extra or new? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/bedford/massage-therapy/1540338323
  3. @applejack1st can you pm me about the over service?
  4. Can you guys recommend a few that give great massages here in Halifax? cheers.
  5. @Greentealwhat the reserve image site you use
  6. Wondering the same thing. I don’t ghunk it’s more than a massage but any info would be great.
  7. I messaged her but no response. Thank you.
  8. Is there any fun in the town. Anyone have a lead of where to start up here.
  9. I’m in Sydney tonight and tomorrow during the day. Anyone have a lead where to find something fun here. This place doesn’t seem to offer anything right now.
  10. To bad you weren’t in Sydney. It’s boring here at the moment.
  11. I will be in Sydney 8 Oct. I’m looking for a SP in the area or someone that’s offers massage.
  12. DaySha, Are you living there now. I’m going to be there on the 8 oct and looking for an SP. please let me know.
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