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  1. Somethin happen to me while back i never told anyone about stings. Make sure the number is only for said girl. I didnt and found same number used for like 20 girls why....... I wenr to meet a girl at hôtel and she act shady and made me feel weird. Instead of room numb to come up so told me.to wait front of lobby amd she hop in my ride first?? Never heard that before..... When i said i was there she asked which car? I seen a jeep tj in front lot by doors and i was mayne 2 cars away in my dodge truck Many girls lie with pics etc and i had weird feeling so i said jeep. Nobody comes out then boom !!! Rcmp truck outta no where comes and pulls out jeep driver. My heart dropped and reversrd and got hell out of there. Put number i used in keywords and seen they used samw number for likr 20 diff ads here in Winnipeg. A sex charge regardless if just a john is some thing none of us need lol be safe out there some of these girls lie cheat and steal