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  1. Oh yeah I can do a deposit ones I can verify the picture and website are legit but I promise everyone to check leolist in Fort Mac and see for them self like 90 percent of the add are fake and is just too much I will understand if is just few but is just too much in Fort mac anyway have a nice day and I do appreciate your advice thanks
  2. I absolutely agree with you sometimes you find same add on 3 or 4 cities can you imagine the scammers on leolist makes it sometimes had to believe the real ones
  3. Hey thanks a lot for the tips is just that I did not know how to check if the ladies are legit but but from now I will try to get much information before booking and I wouldn’t mind doing that for a legit ones if I can get those information thanks for the advice and have a good one
  4. Like this girl scam me before she claimed she is offering online fun after I paid she ask me to call her on FaceTime and then she gave the phone to the kids and they started making some funny noise and cut the call Thas all I got but am not saying all the ladies are like that though
  5. Well if my opinion is bothering you then is your own problem where you like it or i will always discuss my mind
  6. Peacetryguy I really appreciate your advice and I will definitely do so at least your advice make sense have a good one And to all those who think what I said dasint make sense well Thas my opinion you can keep yours xo
  7. Well Thas your opinion if you been scammed before with those procedures you will understand what I mean though
  8. Oh yeah but am sure not everyone is like that But most I know in big city will ask you to give them the password when you with them at least it make sense
  9. There will be always good and bad in anything even big cities are always not 100% of good people and for me to say am sending e transfer and still give password while am not with you is still dangerous because most of them are scam and will accept the money and block you and there is nothing you can do I will always do that if I have seen the lady before yes but in order the avoid all this scammers maybe have to just travel to Edmonton Thas all
  10. Ok the reason why am saying that is it did happen to me twice and is like most are using the same way to ask you to send the password in the beginning they will say you don’t have to give them password until you with them and after they receive the email notification they will ask you to send like 20 dollars for taxi and give them the password so they can be able to take the full amount you sent before
  11. Hi sorry to hear that but try fort mac as well am sure you will like it we just need legit girls and I will still recommend real one to start touring to Fort Mac even if is one week to see but I know there is lot of good guys over here thanks
  12. Anyway just talking about what is going on in fort mac
  13. Well am not saying all of them are scammers but most here in Fort Mac I had experience when after sending the money with password they blocked me and there was nothing I can do to get my refund it happened twice
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