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    Good Morning (or Evening), beautiful people!
    I am BellaRosé (like the pretty pink wine) and just love communication and companionship!

    I am looking for a few things now in my life as I am now unfortunately grown out of being irresponsible, drunk, and without many responsibilities or repercussions!
    Gentlemen, there’s not be many, if any at all, that haven’t seen me twice.
    Ladies, I’ve become bi-curious, so y’all are always welcome but mostly, I am looking for women like me who escort, hustle hard, and can be friends.

    I haven’t had the chance throughout my life to make any close or reliable friends, so please feel free to message- even if it’s about business!

    Love you all,
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  1. Was seeing if it’s more discreet posting on here other than the other more popular sites! im 25, blonde and blue eyes. Bubbly and big personality! IMG_6015.MP4
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