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  1. I've tried to post warnings about this SP before.. but my comments don't seem to pass moderator inspection. I'll try to be more careful with my wording this time. I contacted her in Sydney over the winter. She wanted me to send pics of $250 in visa debit cards (scratched off with PIN exposed so she could 'validate' them). She said this was part of her 'Covid protections'. I felt that $250 up front was a little much and offered to show her $50 scratched (my risk) and $200 unscratched. She didn't reply. Seems like a scam.
  2. I ran into this recently with a very highly rated SP here on Lyla. Since no one else has mentioned this fact about her, I'm not going to either, but this lady was certainly NOT the gal in her photos. I was initially disappointed, but had committed to the date and carried through. Luckily, I was NOT disappointed, and it was a great experience.. I believe.. for both of us. I can imagine how some would be put off though... I've had bad experiences in other locations. This has been discussed in another thread, but I can totally see where the advertisers want to both protect their privacy and attract the right dates.. maybe a little photoshop or a 'representative photo' isn't a bad thing.. but it's also not the best thing.
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