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  1. thank you Lydia as a owner some of the comments that used to be posted of my staff and others was infact was out  of this world we are massage therapist not a escort service soliciting the girls or asking for sexual favors , would you like things posted about you or maybe your wife I don't think so

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  2. I dont know about you guys but staying home these days is the safest thing to do I'm already triple vaccinated but how do you know if the provider is . if you really need to get out there for a massage or your HE go for it . how many people died in the last 72 hours its getting bad

  3. it's amazing how the owner of a massage place is on here looking at everything you guys say and then reports you just to clarify things I didn't guess there talking about restrictions for massage therapy  and yet all I did was ask if the restrictions would effect the business 

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