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  1. myaMya , Susan and Sophie not there anymore
  2. I see there's only 2 working at 855 Henderson now wonder what happened
  3. it's amazing how the owner of a massage place is on here looking at everything you guys say and then reports you just to clarify things I didn't guess there talking about restrictions for massage therapy and yet all I did was ask if the restrictions would effect the business
  4. yes I heard from someone that works for Manitoba health its true
  5. I heard that they might have you be double vaccinated and have a card to show your vaccinated
  6. wondering what new restrictions will be if it will effect massage places
  7. you shouldn't lie about things tell the truth
  8. I seen her nice girl left happy
  9. it's really her seen her last night amazing time
  10. can anyone pm me on this location
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