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    New to the Biz, & City though come with experience and knowledge around the industry
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    I love to make people feel good! It makes me happy to make people happy. I sincerely luv to luv! <3

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  1. I just wanted to take a min and introduce myself! HI! I am Layla, and I struggle with technology! Lol I hope I’m posting in the correct area, but if not…this lil bunny would love to be shown the ropes! I am new to the biz but the industry is by no means foreign to me as I’ve been involved in many other avenues. So while I may come off a little shy, and I really enjoy being given direction…I know how to take the lead just as well! That is… Unless it comes to forums or social media 😉 If I get any response to this hopefully I’ll be able to follow the tutorial enough to figure out how to reply, lol. I look forward to meeting some of you. ❤️ Luv, Lady Layla Luv
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