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  1. I think a lot of you replying have never seen the level of effort going into these scams. Im assuming a lot of you live in the major cities where there is literally dozens or even hundreds of women providing services. These scams go beyond being verified on LL. Some of them have twitter accounts, instsgrams etc. I have even been hustled by ads that have reviews on CAF. I have been hustled by ads that have websites.. and because i look for an outcall. I have even been hustled by legitimate providers. That's the absolute worst when they laugh because they already have "regulars" and hustling someone for outcall deposit is nothing to them and wont affect their bottom line. It's not as cut and dry as a lot of you make it seem but I do appreciate the suggestions
  2. @JessyCeleste while i do appreciate your helpful suggestions . I am making the decision to never send a deposit again. There are simply too many scammers out there and even though there might be some great SP's out there.. the majority by and large are not
  3. The sheer fact that you preface your statement with how sick and violent this industry is.. is sickening.. and only highlights my point that alk these providers who constantly post that clients should just simply send deposit without acknowledging the risks they put on us .. is a problem
  4. I feel like i have to add.. even when Im very clear Im looking for a regular rather than seeing many providers . I end up having SP's tell me that they will be available for something regular . Only to tell me during the appointment that they are actually travelling to vancouver or the east coast or toronto etc.. like.. when even providers who do show up for the scheduled appointment still lied to book it in the first place .. is that even fair?
  5. I dont care if you have a different opinion.. i honestly am so sick and tired of the scams.. all you providers expect it like its just a simple request without ever acknowledging that clients are getting screwed over sending deposits.. i am just getting over trying to have faith in SP's .. trying to find a regular is a fucking nightmare fulm of scams and rude ass women
  6. This person will try to scam you for a deposit and/or send you to a hotel and waste your time. Look for a well reviewed provider and save your $$ ..this one will scam you
  7. An updated post about fake SP's and scams.. All of these ads should be avoided.. they will try to scam you. They regularly post in Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie.
  8. That's It.. I have had it with all the deposit scams.. i don't understand how so many SP's can expect a deposit when the clients are constantly being scammed
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