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  1. Also, if you reach out to the multiple ads, the prices all include a few extras, exact same services for the exact same amount. Not something you would see between two random providers.
  2. Valid point. I'm open to the possibility, but it's pretty unlikely.
  3. I would bet money on it. It's been their process for over two years. They have a revolving door where there is a single provider from a particular agency there most of the time. They have upwards of 5-6 ads running all the time for one provider. Sometimes with pictures of white women. You show up, get a room number and it's always the same room. They only times there is more than one provider there, you get one that's 140 from one agency, and one that's 160 from another. I reached out to all of the ads one time a few months ago and got the same response from every single one of them.
  4. Guys... There is not a chance in hell these pictures are of the person staying at a 2-star hotel in Dartmouth.
  5. Just looked at the Bianca Kim ad. It's the same provider advertising as Karina. 160hh at the Dartmouth location. If no one has visited, I guess I'll make a trip down there sometime tomorrow.
  6. Didn't bother posting a name as they all have numerous ads. This was the ad for Karina. Really can only identify them by location and rate. There are two in Dartmouth right now, 140/160. One in the north end Inn, 140. May be another at the rental in the south end... I dunno.
  7. Has anyone see the one currently at the standard Dartmouth hotel that is charging $160 for hh? Not the $140 one, as she has been addressed here already. Apparently this one has been here for about a week. I'm trying not to waste my time getting there only to turn around and leave. Thanks.
  8. Can confirm that Camille is a lovely lady. The pictures are accurate, though they have been edited to remove tattoos. For anyone who is turned off by excessive or tacky tattoos (I am one of these people), these are borderline. Mostly fine and are only a minimal distraction. Her proportions are accurate to the pics and stats and her face is pretty. I am not a fan of fake shit (lashes, lips, etc) and, again, this is borderline. The service is enjoyable, though not spectacular. She appears to be into it and is quite attentive to your requests. It's a pretty standard GFE service. My issues with previous YFL experiences will still make me reluctant to engage them in the future, but Camille is almost certainly worth your time.
  9. I suppose I should take a hint from the fact that the only mention of her easily found online is a TERB thread from when she was touring to Ottawa. Not a single person posted that they saw her. The entire thread is everyone talking about how shitty YFL is and YFL fighting with them.
  10. Yeah, I didn't say lately. I'm not gonna give specifics, but the issues are plenty.
  11. Anyone planning to see Camille tomorrow? I have not had good luck with YFL, but she does look tempting. The only day I would be able to see her would be Wednesday, so hoping for some feedback after her first day here.
  12. Wait, this is a real ad? You have actually seen her?
  13. I mean, if we can't trust these Asian agencies to be consistent, who can we trust?
  14. Can confirm this is NOT the same young, hot SP as last time. Much older and not terribly attractive. Very disappointed.
  15. Well you missed out on "Verna". Pics didn't match the ad but the real thing was significantly better. Feel free to respond to any of the ads. Just know they are not only fake pics, but also not even close to representative. Sometimes you still find a diamond in the rough. If you don't like what's behind the door, just politely leave.
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